2012 Tesla Challenge

2012 Tesla Challenge

The Tesla challenge for 2012. Getting NUMMI production operational and delivering sedans to reservation holders.

Word of mouth and the press will make Tesla, stockholders, and reservation holders very happy campers. The “S” success will force every auto manufacturer to revaluate their products and drivetrains.

Once the “S” is launched the evolution – revolution will commence. As demand and production grow, so will the competition. More R & D and investment in battery technology will produce better and cheaper batteries. When battery performance increases and the cost drops 40-50% it will make ICE cars dinosaurs like the fuel that powers them.

Most important - The “S” is the kind of car people want to buy and will enjoy driving.

Brant | 25 september 2011

make it so!

David M. | 25 september 2011

I want to believe!

Brad Holt | 25 september 2011


Brian H | 27 september 2011

Buy call options!