Apple Car Play?

Apple Car Play?

Obviously most Tesla Model X owners will use Apple products.
I am wondering if there is a chance for Elon Musk to get over his ego and actually allow us to install Car Play (At least on our own).

I am aware that Tim and Elon not getting along very well but still.

I want car play so badly!

gregmaletic | 19 oktober 2015

Just chiming in for my support: I'd love to see Tesla support CarPlay. Apple's driving directions are far superior to Tesla's, Tesla offers no support for major streaming music services, and Tesla can't possibly hope to compete against the iOS app ecosystem

I would happily run CarPlay in a small window on my larger Tesla display.

Tâm | 19 oktober 2015


I am not interested in Apple products.

I don't like its monopoly, how it doesn't share its patent, how it exploit low wage workers abroad.

I prefer current inhouse Tesla's system or androids.

eric.zucker | 19 oktober 2015

@Tâm... If you believe other manufacturers are better... Wake up. Most European car makers have factories in Eastern Europe. Koreans manufacture in a facility in North Korea. Accounting and software development done in India. The list is endless. Why is most everything "Made in China"?

Cutting costs is key to profitability.

eric.zucker | 19 oktober 2015

Whatever Tesla comes up with in terms of Apple integration, as long as I can play the audio off my phone and pick my favorite playlist of the day or album without fiddling the phone I'm happy. Siri would be fine.

Ankit Mishra | 20 oktober 2015

Well said. Apple is an vision and ethic less company. Android is love, Android is life!!!

Ankit Mishra | 20 oktober 2015

(my opinion)

Red Sage ca us | 21 oktober 2015

We pays our money we takes our chances.

My money goes to AMD instead of Intel or nVidia.

My software is Linux instead of Windows or MacOS.

My mobile devices run Android instead of Windows or iOS.

I prefer Xbox to PlayStation.

I hardly consider Acura, AUDI, BMW, Jaguar, Infiniti, Lexus, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, or Porsche in the slightest... But I'm fully committed to Tesla Motors.

Apparently, I'm rather contrarian.

thecodingart | 4 januar 2016

Truly a feature I want. For everyone who says that this adds little value, that's simply not true. This enables 3rd party devs to push applications with custom interfaces for Carplay providing them with far more control than bluetooth standard UI and controls. Overcast is one simple example of provided value. I think it's a pretty big slap in the face to not add this functionality in a device that can clearly enable it and probably meets the required specs.

thecodingart | 4 januar 2016

@Ankit Mishra, you are seriously saying that Google has love and is full of life O.O.... and you're ripping on the company that basically jumpstarted the computer and smart phone era. Yeah ok...

Ankit Mishra | 4 januar 2016

I won't attack Apple any more because I would consider it a waste of my time. Instead I will point out why I think Google is in a different league.
It is a business, hence it also churns profit. But the difference lies in the areas it chooses and the method to do its business. It's areas are always choosen in order to solve a problem of humanity.
Apple jumpstarted smartphone era but it wasn't interested in bringing it to the less affluent people of the world. Apple and Microsoft started PC revolution. But, again there products and strategies caused the computers to be out of reach of majority of world population for significant amount of time. People saved money in order to buy $700 laptop out of which $150 were the cost of Windows OS. What did Google do? It made Chromebooks that cost only $200 (not very successful though). Similar is the case with Project Loon, driverless cars, YouTube etc.

Tesla is also very similar. People appreciate what they do. But hate them because they do it for rich people. But love them because they promised they will bring a car for the common man (USA). I wouldn't be lurking on Tesla forums if there were no plans for Model 3.

Red Sage ca us | 4 januar 2016

Ankit Mishra: +42!

DTsea | 4 januar 2016

Ankit if you think google is a philanthropy you have been fooled by their marketing. They sell ads. Thats it.

SUN 2 DRV | 4 januar 2016


OK Got it. Google is for people who buy on price. Apple is for people who are more affluent.

I can accept your summary.

Now tell me which audience Tesla currently sells to?.....

Thus why many of us would like CarPlay.

bobby | 4 januar 2016

Google vs. Apple fanboy wars aside, I don't think it's fair to say that "many" of us want CarPlay. I have a bazillion Apple products; starting in 1982 with an Apple II+ with 16K language card, mac IIsi, multiple MacBook Pros, 3 generations of iPods, 6 generations of iPhone, Apple Hi-Fi, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and many other Apple products that you've never even heard of. (Yes I still have each and every one of those products!).

And even *I* don't want CarPlay. Why? Because I recognize that Tesla's OS is a far superior product to Apple CarPlay. I honestly don't see what Apple CarPlay would let you do that Tesla's OS doesn't. I also don't see why you'd let your devotion to a $600 product (iPhone) make or break your decision to buy a $100,000+ car! Shouldn't it be the other way around? If I spend $100,000+ on a car, I'll buy the phone that plays best with it because I get a new phone every year, but this car will be around for at least 3-5 years.

Should I ditch my Porsche because our beloved Apple, in its infinite wisdom, changed the dock connector and now my phone no longer connects to my car (it's pre-bluetooth and relies on a hardline connection)? Should I dump my treadmill because it still has the old dock connector to track workouts? It's one thing for me to ditch Google Glass as I did because it didn't play well with my iPhone, but that was far less financially impactful.

I probably have more money invested in Apple products than 90% of the people here (still have my Apple brand dot matrix printer and dual floppy drives!!), but even I can recognize a superior product when I see it. With that said, keep Apple CarPlay the heck away from my Tesla!

Red Sage ca us | 4 januar 2016

bobby: +42! The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything about 'Why Would Anyone Argue Against Tesla Motors Including Apple™ CarPlay© in TeslaOS?'

Ankit Mishra | 4 januar 2016

Yes, they sell ads. And why should they work like a charity? A business that is sustainable based on humanitarian ideas is sustainable and can achieve things that no charity can. People don't have money to buy things that are essential, but they have time to watch ads. I am happy to watch ads and be allowed to use product that I require rather than to be sidelined because I don't have money.

Ankit Mishra | 4 januar 2016

I dont mind Tesla allowing Carplay in their cars. I will only suggest Tesla to be wary of their practices.

vrhunski | 4 januar 2016

Problem is with Elon. He got some personal issues with Tim and that is only problem with car play.
I am going to buy Model X and I will find way to have car play. Even if I have to take down whole damn monitor I will do it.

I want Car Play.

Ankit Mishra | 4 januar 2016

lol. Personal issues. Apple is a profit making machine. Elon is a man who wants to solve problems of humanity. It's not that difficult to see why he dont like Apple. And lololol!! I won't attack Tim Cook but seriously? You are thinking Elon would even think about fodder CEO's. There are too many of them in the world. Not worthy of wasting attention.
(I don't want to be negative against Apple, but I wanted to address the idea of Elon having possible issues with Tim Cook. lol)

eric.zucker | 8 januar 2016

I have a plethora of Apple products too. Many iPads, iPhones, Macs, AppleTV, and I try and stay within the same ecosystem to simplify my life. No need to transcode music formats, etc. iTunes, iTunes Plus, FLAC, mp3, Apple lossless, and whatever else.

I do have two good Android tablets and one phone too - for specific purposes, and I'm not a fan. I use them only for their specific purpose.

Yet, I don't _need_ Car Play. All I really need is Bluetooth with A2DP to to play music and answer calls.

Don't want to pollute the beautiful Tesla interface with a different set of aesthetics. Not that there is anything wrong with Apple iOS it's just a different design language. I like coherence.

rbucich | 8 januar 2016

The OP lost me at
"Obviously most Tesla Model X owners will use Apple products."
"Because of Elon's EGO we can't have Apple Car Play."
both terrible assumptions | 8 januar 2016

I think there is some misconception about how CarPlay can be implemented. It does not have to be a replacement for the native OS--it can be an "app" that you fire up if you want access to your iDevice stuff - Alpine head units have worked this way.

elguapo | 9 januar 2016

@Ankit Iam a huge Elon fan, but please don't act like he's doing this just to make Earth better. He's a billionaire and it is not just because he wants to make life better for others.

Ankit Mishra | 9 januar 2016

I am unable to understand your comment. He is a billionaire because that's how you control Tesla, Spacex and invest in efforts like AI, green energy. Being poor or working like a charity can't achieve things that a sustainable entity can. If any person I know that is trying to save humanity, then that person is Elon.
I can understand talking about Elon makes some people feel uncomfortable. I try to prevent doing so unless I find a unjustified comment posted by someone.

elguapo | 10 januar 2016

@Ankit. My only point was he's expecting to making tons of profits too - not just help save humanity too. I may have missed what you were trying to say but I interpreted it as you saying Elon really cares most about saving humanity versus obtaining profits. I just don't think that's entirely true if that's what you meant.

Ankit Mishra | 10 januar 2016

Yes he is. So? What's the point here? Tesla makes car, makes profit, invest again growth and make more cars.
Are you saying that he should live as a broke man? All that billions he is having is what makes fodders listen to him.
I am really confused what's the point here. Do you have a definition that a man who cares about others must not have a happy life? Please explain your point in detail.
He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Investors have invested in his company and just like every normal human being they expect return.

MyXinTx | 12 januar 2016

Back to the thread topic...

More important to some than Android or Apple integration for music is the enhancement of driver safety with respect to SMS communication.

Before I get the lecture of how bad it is to "text and drive", it is necessary for some people, and if you choose not to, then so be it.

Providing a software update to allow safe 2-way SMS would be beneficial, for example...similar to what many other manufacturers provide...

1) An incoming SMS can be visualized onscreen or read aloud..safer than fumbling for phone

2) Ability to safely reply, either by dictating a response, or simply selecting a drop-down template of pre-made responses

I agree that typing a response may not be best safety practice...

hd | 17 januar 2016

Of course Tesla needs CarPlay (and Android Auto). The notion that tight mobile integration is merely a bandaid for legacy, un-connected infotainment systems is missing a key point, or four.

My mobile phone is my most personal device (yeah, I know, that's what Apple are calling their Watch, but it's still not much use without an iPhone nearby). And what that means is pretty much everything:

1) My phone knows what I like to listen to. And not just my favourite music - it knows my favourite podcasts, favourite audiobooks and my favourite streaming apps. Tesla feature AM/FM radio like it's the 1980's. Now with 7.1 we have Spotify (which, I might add, is nicely implemented) but why do I have to train my car all over again on my musical taste, if I already trained my phone? And again, that's just the music, how about the rest?

I carry all my audio sources and preferences in my pocket - I expect my 2016 model car to make it a breeze to tap into that. My Tesla doesn't - yet.

2) It often knows where I want to go long before I even enter my car (since I just looked up the address). I expect my 2016 model car will allow me to transfer that knowledge with a single tap. My Tesla doesn't - yet.

3) Siri understands me better than any other device. And it's mutual. I've talked 100x more with my phone than my car. And where natural speech recognition is at this point that makes the difference between usable technology and gimmick. I have learned its language quirks and it has learned mine. I have had several cars with speech recognition (BMW, Mercedes and now Tesla) - none of them can currently hold a candle to a Siri or a Google Now.

Tesla should own up to the fact that my car will never be my primary technical conversation buddy - so the gap between the value I get from my phone voice assistant and my car will just get wider and wider until they decide to tap into my phone for voice assistance. I'm sure the CarPlay technology will open up for a wider interaction with on phone speech assistance and car features.

4) Where is the app eco-system for my Tesla? I have found only a few and managed to install none yet (not compelling enough to make the effort). I expect my model 2016 car to tap into a vibrant ecosystem to deliver the above mentioned media other than FM radio, connect with friends safely while driving, help me avoid speed traps, etc.

On top of this Tesla's basic smartphone integration is just not up to snuff yet. First off it pretends that your smartphone is merely one of several devices you'd like to connect for music (Huh???...are they thinking about that memory stick with favourite MP3's I always carry around...or the harddisk I always keep in the glove compartment?) Even my old 2013 BMW knew to launch the media player on my phone as soon as it connected via BT or USB - and it offered the ability to browse songs, artists and playlists. On my Tesla all I can do is skip forwards/backwards on my current playlist - after I pressed three times on the touchscreen to activate my phone media player. It seems like an almost deliberate attempt to relegate my smartphone to the media world back seat...or have I missed a section in the manual?

Is it just me or would it be an obvious 7.3 feature to allow CarPlay to "play" in a half-height window on the Tesla main screen - and once activated make that a default whenever the phone connects with the car?

If the rumours of Apples Titan car plans are true, Tesla better get this fixed soon. Why leave the (garage) door wide open for Apple and Google here? Tesla clearly has the lead on EV's right now, I thoroughly enjoy driving my model S 90D (after I have fumbled through the touch screen and my iPhone to get the right media to play) but the field will widen dramatically. With a 3-4 year car replacement cycle, the timing for switching brands to one which knows how to keep me better connected seems almost perfect.

I cannot believe it's a technical challenge - 40-odd "legacy" car companies have pulled it off already. Is it licensing squabbles, competitive scorn or even hubris? Here is a hint: think about your customers. Tesla - you are better than that.

ian | 17 januar 2016

Well put hd. While I'm not nearly that connected to my smartphone, I know others such as yourself are and this is clearly the next step for Tesla.

DTsea | 17 januar 2016

Ankit why do you believe Google has humanitarian ideals? Or acts on same?

They are an advertising company. They specialize in data mining online behavior and selling the results. Then they do some peripheral cool stuff too.

I see nothing wrong with above. But i dont kid myself that google is mission driven rather than profit driven.

Ankit Mishra | 17 januar 2016

Your question is same as what @elguapo's. He is saying Elon Musk is not doing stuff to just save earth but to also earn billions and you are saying Google makes cool stuff but is only profit driven and not mission driven.
I already said a lot on this. Please read my replies above.

Ankit Mishra | 17 januar 2016

And Google makes cool stuff that solves important problems- Loon, Ara, Driverless car, Android, YouTube, Android One, Fiber, Chromebook, investment in Spacex, renewable energy, glucose detecting eyelense, AI, calico, tremor cancelling spoon, it withdrew from China. These are what I can recall and find. I always forget a few.

oragne lovre | 17 januar 2016

I have to say this Tesla-related thread consists of the most intelligent and intellectual comments I've occasionally read on this forum.

elguapo | 17 januar 2016

Alright at @Ankit agree to disagree. Back to thread.

In a perfect world, I don't want Apple or Google forced upon me or my car. A choice would be great. I find parts of both of their UIs and OSs to be terrible. Nothing's perfect.

madodel | 17 januar 2016

Just thankful Tesla is not using Microsoft Sync. It is confusing and updates the GPS data/system when actually using the GPS. As to Apple Play or Android, as long as my iPhone works with the Tesla hands free solution I'm happy and can wait for either of those to come later. Right now I just want my Sig X.

My Signature Model X P90D, #1096, VIN 00444, Poconos PA, Signature Red Multi-Coat Paint, 20" Silver Wheels, Ultra White Seats, Dark Ash Wood Décor, Black Alcantara Headliner, Six Seat Interior, Subzero Weather Package, Tow Package, and a 72Amp onboard charger. | 17 januar 2016

@hd +1 on your thoughts. I think CarPlay and Google Play support are no-brainers for Tesla.

The entertainment system marginal is marginal as it is. No matter how much the invest in improving it, folks will prefer the Apple or Google or Microsoft ecosystem they are already invested in. IMO, they are better of investing those software engineers in areas like AP where they can differentiate in the market and cede the entertainment to Apple et al.

Diabolic | 23 januar 2016

"The entertainment system is marginal as it is."

+1 for this. I want better integration and control for the iPhone, Siri through the steering wheel button, full control of bluetooth and USB music integration on the main screen, and voice recognition that actually dials the phone, not just brings up a list of names on the screen. None of that is a huge ask.

mikrhans | 23 januar 2016

Diabolic +1

benjamin | 18 juni 2016

+1 I would love carplay next to the standard tesla infotainment !

elguapo | 18 juni 2016

Never gonna happen.

Subroutine | 18 juni 2016

I don't care as much for CarPlay as simply I do having true integration between phone and display. Right now it is just bluetooth headset/earbud functionality, not true app integration as you find with others like BMW, for example. The sound quality suffers and there is no app integration that adds value to the large display (calendar and phone are nice, but expected and not "surprisingly delightful").

For all the technology in the car, I would expect better integration. I want to believe that it will get better once the software for the vehicle itself is made stable/better. Hopefully there is a hardware capable port already in the vehicle that will allow that.

I suppose the rationale behind not having better integration is that it becomes more difficult to support ,since the application logs would not be centralized with the other Tesla software.

champsix | 1 september 2016

Tesla needs to rollout CarPlay soon. Lot of folks will be happy. Might just help sell a couple more cars too.

eric.zucker | 1 september 2016

I'm happy with the current Apple support, save for having to get to the phone to choose which playlist I want to hear.

Text messages being read out loud to me? Meh.
Dictate a text answer? If you have kids like mine, they'd send out the most unpredictable responses that would take a lot of 'Splainin ... Better not.

jestah | 2 september 2016

What are the current (Apple support) features? In several cars I have rented recently, when connected via lightning-to-usb cable, music quality sounds much better than over bluetooth. Is this the case in MX with iPhone connected to built in charging cradle?

Also iPhone can be set to activate Siri by saying "Hey Siri" when phone is connected to power source, has anyone tried this?

Curious to know if Siri response is output from the car speakers, very Knight Rider if so...

AyenTeslaMX | 2 september 2016

I saw a video of Elon mentioning that it might make sense to provide a "mirroring" feature for the phone so that it can be used on the big 17" screen. I personally don't want Apple's Car play to be on the 17" screen. I think it looks fine for phones, but those dumb buttons make the car look cheesy.

nukequazar | 22 november 2019

Keep pushing Tesla to add CarPlay.

Petition · Jerome Guillen: Bring Apple Carplay and Android Auto to Tesla vehicles ·

Vawlkus | 25 november 2019

Petition Apple to let them use it.