Biometrics for Personalization and User Experience

Biometrics for Personalization and User Experience

How do I connect with the right person in Tesla to discuss what we are doing regarding automobile personalization using biometrics? I've been working with some of the conventional automobile manufacturers and believe biometrics are the next disruptive feature.

jordanrichard | 15 januar 2016

Got to the Find Us tab in the upper right corner and you will get all the various contact info.

niraje1 | 13 august 2019

Do we have any progress on the Bio metrics?

girgayaterabhai... | 13 august 2019

Hello! Prior to purchase, the Tesla sales rep I was working with recommended using layers of Scotchguard on the white seats to add additional protection and help minimize stains. He said to do a light spray of scotchguard, wait ten minutes for it to dry, and then repeat 3 more times. He also recommended using Mr. clean magic eraser to quickly clean stains on the seats.

I’ve never taken measures to protect my seats before as my previous car interior was black so I have no knowledge about this kind of stuff. I’ve been looking up using scotchguard on Tesla white interiors and haven’t found much on it.

Has anyone done this before? Any advice?

jimglas | 13 august 2019

relax, stop worrying
enjoy your car

andy.connor.e | 13 august 2019

One thing about buying something brand new, is that when you use it its no longer brand new. If you cant cope with that, i highly suggest a used product.