Bluetooth with technology package

Bluetooth with technology package

I am wondering how the bluetooth handsfree works in the Roadster 2.5 Technology package (with Nav etc). Is the quality of calls good?

AlfredG | 5 december 2010

It works across the radio/navigation unit installed. Sound is good with the Blaupunkt.
- Alfred

Waguih | 8 december 2010

It works well but if you have a soft top car, the background noise is a bit high.

jewelbox | 5 januar 2011


you talk about a balapunkt or do you mean alpine?? have you changed the unit to blaupunkt or does the German version come with this unit? If you changed the unit did you contact tesla? and in that case what other units don they allow?

I have just ordered a roadster in Switzerland. I included the technology package but have since understood that the alpine unit is really buggy and not very good. was looking to change to the new Sony/tom-tom unit but have seen in the blogs that one has to ask tesla first so the warranty is not void.
can you clarify

felix b.

Jehuda | 14 februar 2011

I have the Alpine system in the Roadster2.5 and have paired both my IPHone and Blackberry Torch. The system is terrible. When you start up the car sometimes it does not recognize the phone. But the main problem is that everyone I speak to complains that the call is not clear or distinguishable because of the terrible echo and reverberation .


scotty2541 | 19 februar 2011

I can't speak to the wind noise, but as for the blue tooth...
I had an LG phone, and it would constantly disconnect from my BT earpiece. I was blaming the earpiece for months. Turns out the LG phone used the rear battery cover as the BT antenna, and didn't have a flexible, springy, contact. So random movement would break the antenna contact, and the BT connection. Squeeze the phone, and the connection would come back.

Not saying that's the problem. Just a possibility.

FFT (food for thought) :-)

dsm363 | 19 februar 2011

I have the Alpine and soft-top on a 2.5. I tried the bluetooth for calling and while it works, it's almost unusable due to so much background noise at highway speeds so I turned it off.

Brian H | 20 februar 2011

That's good. It's evil, and almost certainly illegal, to be on your phone while driving, especially at highway speeds!

So probably the bg noise is deliberately designed in to keep you from smashing into someone else. Remember the Roadster owner who watched in horror as a Volvo(?) driver came up behind at full speed while he was behind a truck at a stoplight? The guy was on the phone, the front passenger was looking at the driver and probably talking too, and the Roadster was plowed under the rear of the truck.

Now, I doubt you'd be able to ram a Volvo under a truck, but ...

>:( >:-) >>:p

Chris DC | 25 februar 2011

Almost all reports on the alpine system in the 2.5 roadster seem to be quite negative, especially phone / bt pairing and call quality issues.

So I was wondering if there are any 2.5 roadster owners out there who make handsfree calls with their alpine unit?

Driving the 2.5 the cabin noise at highway speeds was still very noticable to me.

dsm363 | 25 februar 2011

It'd probably be ok if you're going under 35 mph or parked but then that's not really useful. I guess you're just supposed to enjoy driving the car and make your calls later.

Brian H | 25 februar 2011

Yeah. Phoning while driving is either murderous or suicidal, or both!

the bonnie | 26 februar 2011

When I drive with the soft top, the call quality over the Alpine is too poor for any real conversation. I usually just pair a Jawbone with noise-cancelling to my iPhone - works much better.

Brian H | 27 februar 2011

Good idea! Talking reduces available "driving" brainpower by about 50%, and hands-free connection cords are like antennas broadcasting extra EM into your skull.

But I feel a lot of sympathy for whoever you end up running into.

the bonnie | 28 februar 2011

You're right, Brian. Studies do show a reduction in driving focus while talking on a cell phone. The same reduction in focus measured when talking to a passenger. It's the listening aspect. Not the technology.

I'm not defending, since I rarely talk on the phone while driving (though I am known to talk to passengers). But there was an inquiry about the technology, I was answering with the solution I'd found to work best.

No need to get snarky.

Douglas3 | 28 februar 2011

Yes, it's the listening that is distracting. Talking on a cellphone while driving is illegal here, unless it's handsfree. But that doesn't actually solve the problem, because it's the brains limited ability to process incoming information that is the real issue.

I've been known to ask my passenger to stop talking when the driving situation required my full attention. In fact I did that today, because the roads were incredibly slippery.

David70 | 1 marts 2011


My problem is that it's in exactly such situations that my wife feels the need to direct my driving.

Brian H | 1 marts 2011

Get a spray can of chloroform?
Other tactics: for a second, take your hands off the wheel and say, "Ok, take over!"
Or invent real but probable statistics, like, "70% of married men involved in fatal crashes were listening to their wives seconds before they died."

Brian H | 1 marts 2011

Or, scream in fear like a little girl every time you take a tight corner.

Or say, "I'm trying to hear if the tires are slipping more than usual." "Do you hear that grinding noise, like one of the wheels is about to come off?"

Brian H | 1 marts 2011

Or yell, "Wahooo!" like a cowboy every time you power into a curve. Or say, "I think I can get airborne off that next rise!" "Oh my God! I can't feel my legs!"

Brian H | 1 marts 2011

Of course, the Final Solution: duct tape for hands, feet, and face. (I gather WD-40 is great at getting the gunk off afterwards.)

Scott M | 4 marts 2011

Back to the question. The reception on the bluetooth is fine with the Alpine Bluetooth in the 2.5. Everyone I talk to says they have a lot of difficulty understanding me. If you lean forward, near the unit the transmission is better, but still not good. I'll try it some more, but may have to go back to an earpiece.

Peter2 | 5 marts 2011

I have the Alpine iDAx305 head unit with the KCE-400BT blue tooth adapter in my Roadster 2.0, and the phone integration is shockingly buggy and unstable. I can't believe either Parrot or Apple were happy to put the "Works with iPhone" sticker on the box. It claims to have echo cancellation, but the echo is dreadful at the non-car end of the calls. Also annoyingly if you plug and iphone (3GS iOS4) in my case around 5-10seconds later, the Bluetooth music streaming option jumps in and overrides the USB cable, causing silence on the cable source. No point using bluetooth music streaming because sound quality is way down compared to the cable, and you have no control from head unit. Only solution is to unplug and replug, but by this time, you're on the road and fiddling isn't the safest. If you do take a call, its 50/50 that you'll get control to go back to music. The interfact often freezes for no reason. I've tried updating all firmwares for no improvement.
In the end I found its best to turn off the bluetooth altogether, and just use the inbuilt speaker on the iphone. Just about works when parked or in slow traffic, but that's all the KCE-400BT was good for anyhow, and its less hassle this way.
If you need phone integration and have a choice, go for anything other than the Alpine. (
All that said, sound quality with factory fitted subwoofer is superb).

kdk1044 | 14 april 2011

Because of the problems hearing using the alpine bluetooth, I purchased a bluetooth earpiece with the intention of not using the alpine for phone calls. Problem is I have not been able to unpair the alpine bluetooth. When I try to unpair it, the alpine keeps interrupting what I am playing on my ipod and keeps telling me to pair the alpine to my phone. Does anyone know how to unpair the alpine in a way that it will not keep interrupting my music to tell me to pair it to my phone?

dsm363 | 15 april 2011

I believe there is a way to turn off bluetooth on the Alpine but I'll have to check. You need to get into the settings which is tricky. Have to be in Park and then lift the parking break up until you see the settings icon on the source menu light up.

NigelM | 28 april 2011

Got my Roadster last weekend and spent forever getting to the Bluetooth settings to pair by Blackberry Bold. However, once done it seems to work great!

My phone is recognized instantly (the Alpine unit sees faster than the Blackberry) and the only adjustment I had to make was increasing the volume. It seems like the microphone volume is linked with the speaker volume. I have used the phone with the top off and with it on, both at speeds around the city and in traffic without problems. Admittedly, I haven't tried it out on the highway yet.

dsm363 | 30 april 2011

Congrats. It works fine if you're not traveling fast. At highway speeds though, I have too much wind noise to make it worthwhile so I have bluetooth turned off.

NigelM | 4 maj 2011

Yup, same problem here at highway speeds. Odd as the car doesn't seem that loud, but I found myself yelling and my wife could still hardly hear me.

Tip: It's much easier to turn off the phone bluetooth than the Alpine bluetooth.

znino | 14 juni 2011

Well I am the one who originally posted this question, I have since received my roadster and very quickly found out what others have been saying, the alpine unit is useless for the phone operation, especially at any speed about 60kph.

Furthermore it is quite buggy and has obvious design flaws. One of these is that with my iPhone paired and on a call, I cannot take an incoming call waiting. If I am already on a call and someone else calls in, the alpine routes the second call to voicemail. How bad are these engineers that they let some basic feature like call waiting not work. I called alpine and they acknowledged the issue but would not offer any solid hope of a fix.

The other huge flaw I find is that when on a Bluetooth call with the alpine, you are stuck on the phone call screen which just shows the time of the call and number etc. It is impossible to switch, for example to display the navigation map. Again, how stupid. If I am on a 30 minute call I lose the map? What is the point of that??? Again, alpine says they know this but offer no fix.

Lastly, I sometimes do enable my phone to be paired with the system. I then might want to disable Bluetooth on my phone to change to my headset while on the highway. That works but then if I want to connect again after re-enabling my Bluetooth on the phone, the alpine won't connect again. I have to turn off the car and restart it or go into the source setup section of the alpine and reconnect the phone. This can only be done with the handbrake on. So inconvenient!!!

Anyway, that's my rant for the night,

Brian H | 15 juni 2011

That's scary. If the Tesla engineers/designers screwed up that badly with that supplier assessment and decision, how much more could they mess up with the Model S interface software?

Steve | 16 juni 2011

When the entertainment unit was being selected for the initial 2008 Roadster, Marc Tarpenning told me that there just was not any unit available (in the single-DIN format at least) that could provide the desired functionality.

Since Tesla does their own for the Model S, that problem should not arise.