body damage

body damage

A lady backed up into my car this saturday. so bummed. I honked at her, but couldn't do anything to stop her!! Now she is saying I hit her. Can't believe it. Wondering if anyone has experience with body shop yet?

runswithscissor... | 12 februar 2013

I did wonder if Tesla sources their paint through a common supplier. The identity of the supplier could influence how easy it is to get touch up/repair paint. Would you post a note when you get the body shop to color match?

danielccc | 12 februar 2013

This is one reason I like just the plain, non-pearl white. Stuff happens.

John56 | 12 februar 2013

I would ask Tesla what they recommend.

ArieK | 12 februar 2013

Alexandyr: it looks like the following installation is something for you:
It should take care of one aggravation, being accused of something you didn't do!!

Good luck with the repair.

GeekEV | 12 februar 2013

Make sure the body shop you use has good experience with aluminum bodies...

Aleksandyr | 12 februar 2013

I am planning to have TM menlo do the repair. I'll post my experience. I just assumed the person was going to be honest. I will never expect that again. I should have video taped her confession, or find a witness!

nickjhowe | 12 februar 2013

Ask TM if the car had any onboard logs that would show the car was stationary when it was hit...

Timo | 13 februar 2013

@nickjhowe +1

Had the same idea. Car logs what it is doing, so that data could still be accessible.

NOPetrol | 13 februar 2013

Same thing happened to my wife in her VW..lady started limping when cops showed up...goto love the way America is today.

Aleksandyr | 13 februar 2013

lesson learned. pull out your phone video camera and interview the other driver on the spot. They will most likely confess. if not, find your witness then and there!

Just got off the phone with TM, they don't think the information in the logs will be that helpful. Can pin point what pedal my foot was on at a specific time. But it might be hard to prove when the accident occurred though.

Logical_Thinker | 13 februar 2013

car doesn't have an accelerometer? I sort of thought that's how airbags deploy etc: when g forces exceed a certain threshold...

I would follow up with Tesla some more. I think a little more data digging should show the car was stationary, and the g forces were backwards against the car.

By the way, you should search accident scams on youtube. If people see a fancy car, they take advantage of you, assuming you have a fat wallet or good coverage. Backing up into you is a common scam.