Body Finish Suggestion

Body Finish Suggestion

Just went down to San Jose to see the chassis/body at the Tesla showroom. The unpainted aluminum body is gorgeous and I'd love to see it clear-coated as a finish option. The aluminum has a satin-like glow that's more subtle than the silver paint sample that's available for the Roadster.

Please baby, please make this happen.

Larry Chanin | 13 september 2011

Yes, I've wondered about this after seeing how nice the Bugatti Veyron looked on a TV show. Here's an article about a paintless Veyron. Unfortunately the photos don't do it justice.

One supercar, hold the paint job: Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang

I know that this treatment actually reduces weight. Does anyone know whether there are any disadvantages to this treatment?

How about aluminum cars in general? I have heard that they are more difficult to repair than conventional cars.



dborn | 13 september 2011

How about the plastic parts being painted - they are usually a strange off white colour from the mould, and leave metal body parts natural, but coated in the usual clear over lacquer? I agree, this would be VERY different from everything else on the road, even if they have toned the original beautiful design down to a Camry-like clone! This idea comes from the Veyron noted above.

CPM | 13 september 2011

I saw this car in FL in February and it looked pretty cool. Loved the flat finish.

Schlermie | 13 september 2011
Brian H | 14 september 2011

Wow, Larry, that Veyron is something else. Did you read the linked Top Gear review?
0-100kph in 2.5, top 240 mph/400 kph.

Larry Chanin | 14 september 2011

Hi Brian,

Yes, but what about the Pur Sang's paintless treatment? ;-)


Larry Chanin | 14 september 2011
Larry Chanin | 14 september 2011
Volker.Berlin | 14 september 2011

I have no idea if "paintless paint" has any practical implications wrt to longevity, care/maintenance etc., but if there are no serious disadvantages I'd go for the plain aluminum look without hesitation. It's unique, it's slick and futuristic, and it shows off some important property of the car, the aluminum body. I mean, nobody would cover those carbon fiber parts on cars like the Roadster with color paint, right? Same applies here.

But, please, no colorful plastic parts. Gray or black, that's all I could tolerate on an all-aluminum car. And no chrome for sure.

Timo | 14 september 2011

Grey, black and red works. Or blue or green. It needs to be strong color, and it must be only small part of the car to work well, but it works. Especially red. Yellow doesn't work that well (but even that works if main colors are grey, metallic and black.

VolkerP | 14 september 2011

anyone put up a design studio?

Leofingal | 14 september 2011

I am fully on board with paintless paint - That would be my selection if it is available and practical. I hope this catches someone's attention at Tesla.

Larry Chanin | 14 september 2011

Yes, I agree if there are no downsides in terms of cost (presumably for polishing the aluminum) or durability issues, and if the plastic parts didn't stick out like a sore thumb, I would definately prefer this treament over paint.


jbunn | 14 september 2011

Until you dent it. Then usual tricks don't work.

Volker.Berlin | 15 september 2011

Until you dent it. Then usual tricks don't work.

That's true, but then again, you should not dent it in the first place. :-) Many of the usual tricks only work with steel and don't work with aluminum, paintless or not. Esthetic repairs will not be cheap either way.

Brian H | 16 september 2011

It's just polished aluminum, and clear-coated carbon fibre. That's it. "Pure Blood".

They sold the 5 models they made for 1.4 million Euros in 24 hrs after showing it.

Brian H | 16 september 2011

That's 1.4 million each, of course.

Volker.Berlin | 17 september 2011

"Pure blood" is actually the literal translation of "pur sang". The usual meaning is "thoroughbred" (certain horse breeds). But both is similarly adequate for this extraordinary car.

Silver One | 17 september 2011

Does any one know what colors will be available for the Model S general series.
If pure metal / clear coat is not available.... Most likely not :( Silver would be real nice : )

joesontesla | 17 september 2011

I vote for polished clearcoated model s option too. natural aluminum color is nicer than stainless steel crome or silver metal. remember old airstream camper or b29 bomber timeless.

Volker.Berlin | 18 september 2011

Does any one know what colors will be available for the Model S general series. (olivier@)

No official statement has been made so far, but when I asked the reply I got was that "most likely" the same colors as for the Roadster will be offered in the beginning, and that the palette of available colors could be changed or extended later.

JohhnyS | 21 september 2011

The sales reps at the Newport store said the colors will be muted when compared to roadsters.

Brad Holt | 21 september 2011

Makes sense.