Build Status Updates

Build Status Updates

Can you let me know what different Statuses your Model S went thru, and how much time passed between each one. I know this may vary greatly based upon Type of S (60, 85, P etc) and geography (US, Canada, Norway etc) but trying to determine timing between confirmed, Vin Issued, In Production, and anticipated call for delivery scheduling.
I confirmed my NJ-based 85 on 9/22 with a late Nov delivery


J.T. | 9 oktober 2013

I feel your pain and I know you are hungry for information. But, I assure you, there is nothing that anyone here will be able to tell you about their delivery that will have any correlation to your delivery. I was driving my car for 10 days and my dashboard said it was in production.

New Motto

Tesla!! We are NOT a Communications Company.

sunnyms85 | 9 oktober 2013

I ordered an 85 and on 8/23/13. I hit the finalize button right away so i get it faster. First my delivery preference said late september, Then it automatically changed to October. In the beginning of october 1st, it was blank. So i clicked the deliver preference tab and it said pick a date. I clicked the first availaible which happened to be the 16th of october. I got a email saying it was built ahead of schedule and that I can pick it up on the 12th because (im guessing) that someone either canceled there appoitment or moved it to a later date. I live in california btw. It said in production even after I selected my date though. It said it began production probably on the 5th.

Brian H | 9 oktober 2013

The Dashboard is terminally confused.

sunnyms85 | 10 oktober 2013

Just got another update, " your model s is being prepared for pickup or delivery