Can skis go inside the Model X?

Can skis go inside the Model X?

I am considering to reserve a Model X. I live in Norway and do a whole lot of skiing in the winter. Of course I saw the smart ski / bike holder that attaches to the trailer hinge but i would like to know if it is possible to stow skis inside the car as well. I noticed the open space underneath the second seat row. So if the third seat row is collapsed, will that room under the second row be revealed so that skis can fit underneath the second row?

thevangoghs | 2 november 2015

I purchased the X with the 6 seat config...With the 3rd row folded flat, ski's, a surfoard, or other long sports equipment will easily fit down the center line of the X

aesculus | 2 november 2015

You cannot fit the skis under the seats as there is a height difference. As @thevangoghs pointed out you will need to get the 6 seat option in order to place the skis down the middle between the seats with the 3rd row folded flat.

You might also think about some sort of platform to rest/secure the skis between the two middle row seats. If I end up getting the current MX this will be my plan. Still hoping for a folding second row option before my estimated decision point (May/June) or moving over the an MS (which I would loose some of the other options that the X has).

johnse | 2 november 2015

Also, if you have the 7-seat option, you can move one of the side seats forward and put skis at a diagonal. That should give you a triangle with approximately 60" and 44" legs, or about 74" (190cm) diagonal.

Eish | 2 november 2015

how flat do the second row of seats go? I cant seem to find a picture showing the seats folded down?

Tâm | 2 november 2015


You must have missed the discussion of loss of foldability of second row seats:

Eish | 2 november 2015

sorry was thinking second row of rear seats meaning third row - in my family it was always front seats for mum and dad and then us fighting over who got front row or second row - I assume later models with less mod cons will have removable or foldable second/middle rows

How flat do the rear/third row of seats go? I cant seem to find a picture showing the seats folded down?

Tâm | 2 november 2015


Third row seats can fold independently and very flat.

This picture is courtesy of MarkZ:

Triggerplz | 2 november 2015

By the time I finally get my Model X and with the earths warming it may not be anywhere to ski at anyway

Tâm | 3 november 2015


Can you drive your Model X to an Indoor Ski Resort at that time?

Eish | 3 november 2015

@Tâm thanks - so its like in the back of a volvo v70 then the seats go flat to the back but have a step down - are there any photos from the front showing how much of a step there is?

I wonder what is under the raised section in the boot? maybe some storage perhaps?

aljjr2 | 3 november 2015

The distance from the rear center of the hatch and the back of the 2nd row seat full back position is about 50 inches. Moving the seats all the way (7 seat) is 60 inches. Assuming the seats bottoms are about 20 inches (no center seat) that would estimate the total length with a 6 seat configuration 80-84 inches--rear of the X to the back of the front seats.

Don't get much chance to ski in Atlanta (lol), so I don't know how long a ski is. Hope the measurements help. | 3 november 2015

Or you can break the skis in half. Put a hinge in them so they fold downwards. Then you can fold them to put into the car but still ski on them. In fact they will automatically conform to convex surfaces. Disclaimer: I am not a skier. :-))

johnse | 3 november 2015

The raised portion that the rear seats are atop is the rear motor/drivetrain enclosure. There is storage between that and the rear bumper under a cover that makes the normal rear floor level with the folded down rear seats.

I have not seen an actual X, just pictures.

Triggerplz | 3 november 2015

@TAM That indoor ski resort looks really nice, There's no real big trees there which is good as I would hate to do a Sonny Bono if I did ski..

aljjr2 | 3 november 2015

@johnse... there is a access space behind the rear seats. It is accessed by a cover, but there is no through space to the "floor" of the Model X. So if ski's are placed, they would be at a slight downward angle. That is from the platform in the rear behind the seats (about 18 inches above the floor) over the folded 3rd row seats to the space between the second row to the base of the front console.

Hope that is helpful.

johnse | 4 november 2015

Yep. That's what I was trying to describe. You can't put things in under the 2nd row from the rear because there's a motor in the way :)

But you can lay them diagonally in a horizontal plane and probably get enough length if you put one of the 2nd row seats forward.

MyXinTx | 5 november 2015

Or you can pass on the X and get just about any other SUV in the world that has folding 2nd and 3rd was presented previously for the X

..Oops, I really need to get over that decision and move bad