Canadian model S insurance.

Canadian model S insurance.

Congratulations to my fellow Canadians who have their model Ses. Who is your insurance company? What is your annual premium?

pbrulott | 29 januar 2013

Hey Stephen, glad to hear from you. I have to admit I spent more time in the TMC forum than this one.

Go see for insurance related info

I'm going with TD Meloche

stephen.kamichik | 29 januar 2013

Thanks pbrulott. Do you have your model S yet?

pbrulott | 30 januar 2013

no, March/April. I took time to sign my papers (Jan 17th) and ended up in an administrative fluke. Had to re-sign twice. My pre-MPVA was sent/finalized Monday.

stephen.kamichik | 30 januar 2013

I'm Feb/Mar. Isent my MVPA by FAX (at my own expense). Waited and nothing happened. Sent my MVPA by email a second time. This time they received and processed it. By the way, I am saving almost $300 on my car insurance by using Meloche (my old policy expires Feb.25, 2013). Thank you for the tip. Meloche does insure the model S and I shall probably use them for that also.

stephen.kamichik | 30 januar 2013

Isent should be I sent.