Canadian Winters and rural driving

Canadian Winters and rural driving

Hello to all - I am curious as to how owners are finding real world driving with Tesla cars in Canada. I live in the Toronto area but spend alot of time in cottage country about 3 hrs away. I am planning a move to the Peterborough area in a few years and the property we will live on will be in the snow belt. How do they do in snow and cold weather conditions in general?


gbrody1 | 22 marts 2013

i live in toronto
i got my new S 2 weeks ago
85 kwh battery
the car is terrific to drive
i have no plug in option at home and i recharge at my office 220 v 40 amp
i loose 50 km each night sitting in the cold

if you want to contact me 416 543 8848

alanwwebb | 25 marts 2013

You can't even plug in to a 110? Any plug in will warm and maintain the battery level.

torst1 | 7 april 2013


Really? You live in a place so rural you don't have electricity at all at home? No power lines and no gas driven generators? You sit in the dark or by a candle each night after getting home looking forward to summer so can pick up reading again? Come on dude - surely you do not live like that?
What about picking up a hi quality extension chord made for RV and campers that are really thick and can handle loads of power and plug in at night?

Like JaneW says, any outlet will do just to maintain and get a little extra.
Will surely make your life easier.

Noah.S | 9 april 2013

I am interested in this topic as well (fellow Canadian here!)

Here's a video where they tested the S's snow/ice performance at a facility

Also, Norway is Tesla's second biggest market so it must do all right.

Not sure what Davev's situation is, but if he has street parking only and can handle the lost 50km, then he might just not have any way set up to charge. Running extension chords across the lawn in the snow might not be possible

Joshua Burstyn | 12 april 2013

I lose about 50km a day as well on the very cold days. I got my 'S in March and have driven about 3000km now. The car works as described in cold weather. The new 4.3 update really helped with cold weather range estimates. I cant wait for 4.4 to come out with the reworked sleep mode. That should really help with vampire losses, particularly when we need to preserve the battery when it is ice cold out.

TS | 13 april 2013

If possible in your market, you should consider the new "Cold weather Package" :

Brian H | 13 april 2013

Only offered in Europe, so far.

gbrody1 | 14 april 2013

i am not abel to charge in my downtown toronto home because the city does not allow any private parking spots on my small downtown lot where i live. they will not allow any wires along the side walk du to trip hazard

the city will not allow me to park in front of my house because it takes away from the lawn that the city does not want paved over

i have street permit parking only

i have gone to city zoning twice to manager level with no sucess
i live in a semi detached house downtown Toronto

you made many assumptions ALL wrong

we do have electricty in Canada and Toronto