Center console

Center console

What's up with this? I ordered this with my Model S last November. It still is unavailable and there is no delivery date? Hard to believe a company that can send a rocket to the moon can't get this together!

Alex K | 29 juli 2014

This is the Model X forum. You will want to move the message to the Model S forum. And Tesla has not sent any rockets to the moon or elsewhere. I think you are thinking of Space X.

vandacca | 29 juli 2014

Well, Elon did send a number of rockets to the Space Station and plans on sending rockets to Mars (through his other company, Space X). He should be able to bring some of his engineers over to Tesla on occasion to help. ;)

But there is no excusing posting a Model-S question to a Model-X forum! :*)


aljjr2 | 29 juli 2014

rmbaum, since you inadvertently placed the question in the Model X forum, is it possible you also ordered a Model X and not an S???

That would explain not hearing since November...Model S delivery is in 3-4 months. Model X is 2015 and moving to 2016 as backlog increases.

Might want to check your order.

NumberOne | 29 juli 2014

So I take it the Center Console is not yet available. I would call about that to make sure, but this is really the wrong forum for a Model S Center Console question.