Charging on the road in Europe (NL, BE, DE)

Charging on the road in Europe (NL, BE, DE)

As my Model S is more or less somewhere on the Atlantic right now, I started preparing facilities for charging on the road. The following is my understanding so far. For your information and/or feedback....

Finding public charging stations
For now, the on-board navigation will provide info of super chargers. Maybe in the future also of other public charging stations.
In NL and BE, (or app) prodides most up to date info.
For other countries, (or app) would provide good info.

Any other suggestions?

Payment card
Which card or combination of cards do you recommend to charge on public charging stations, including Chademo in the different countries?

Type 2 cables
There will be no adapter for Type 2 connection on the charging station side. We need to but a seperate cable with Type 2 on both sides. With Monocharger on board, a 16A cable will be fine. You will not have the button to disconnect or open the port, which could be a good thing when charging on the roadside. As soon as you unlock the car, the charging will stop and the cable will be released as well.

ChaDemo adapter
Will be available some time this winter. To me it seems a good addition the the future Tesla Super Chargers to have more options for quick charging. The new picture on the teslashop shows that the tube is flexible, hence less momentum then expected from the first pictures. Still it seems a risky for damaging the chargeport.

jan.vanveen | 21 oktober 2013

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Brian H | 21 oktober 2013

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