The Chase video

The Chase video


While we are waiting for the rexternal reviews of real life driving and handeling I was just wondering if anybody have access to this video, claims to show the S doing quit well in a chase vs. a BMW M3: Tesla Model S chased through Palo Alto Hills.
I have googled it, but only find broken links or retrieved video messages.
Anyone seen this or best, have it available.

As a Europeean reservation holder I have still a long time till I'll see it :-)

Volker.Berlin | 18 juni 2012

This is the thread that discussed the video:

Nitpicky: It was a 2011 Z4 sDrive35i, not an M3.

In any event, the video has been pulled and I am not aware of any versions of it that are still accessible online. If Tesla were aware of these, I bet they would also be pulled quickly. Nevertheless, I, too, hope that someone has the video still available! It was/is by far the best coverage of a Model S "in the wild" that I have seen to date.

Soflauthor | 18 juni 2012

IIRC, that video was of an early Model S Beta. The beta smoked the beemer, showed impressive cornering, stability, and acceleration characteristics, and is one of the primary reasons I'd take delivery of my Model S without getting a test drive (although I do intend to take advantage of one in July). The beta's performance looked pretty impressive in that video.

BYT | 18 juni 2012

I never saw the video and totally feel like I missed out! :(

dtich | 18 juni 2012

@volker.b: not really nitpicky on the m3/z4 correction.. that's a big difference. thanks.

i'd love to see this... !!