Clean Air Vehicle Decals - Help!

Clean Air Vehicle Decals - Help!

I submitted an application to the California DMV using the downloaded Form Reg 1000 and sent it off with my $8.00 check to the DMV Special Processing Unit in Sacramento last February 2013. I have not heard from them nor seen a debit of my bank cheque.

I re-submitted again the same application with a new $8 cheque sent to the same address above early this month (April 4, 2013) and I have not heard nor seen any debit of the second cheque.

It has been a total of 80 days since my first application was sent and no action.

Anyone having the same problems with their application?

Below is their address:
mail to: Department of Motor Vehicles
SPECIAL Processing Unit – MS D238
P. O. Box 932345, Sacramento, Ca 94232-345

GeekEV | 24 april 2013

It can take a while. Had you received your plates when you filed? It's required that you have permanent plates assigned when you submit...

gldlcks55 | 25 april 2013

Yes I did receive my plates about 2 weeks after I took delivery of my MS 60. I read somewhere on this forum that it does take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. But it's been more than 10 weeks now. And there is really no way to follow up.

lov2krz | 25 april 2013

I applied February 9 and got my stickers on April 11. Takes awhile.

hademarco | 27 april 2013

I applied on 2/2/13 and I just got mine in the mail today.

GeekEV | 27 april 2013

I just got mine. It only took about a month for me.

drstone | 29 april 2013

I applied April 6 by mail (have had plates a couple months) and installed the stickers April 27th.. not too bad a wait.

rgandhasri | 28 juni 2013

It took exactly 2 weeks for me :)

pixonti | 29 august 2015

I've been going back and forth with the DMV about the clean air vehicle stickers. I applied for them in April after receiving my tags. While the application was accepted, they sent the decals to my physical address, instead of my mailing address. But since we live in a very rural location, where we do not receive USPS deliveries, I'm sure the tags were returned to the DMV. So I called the Special Processing Unit, where I was told that even though the form Reg 1000 was correctly filled out with my mailing address, and did include my physical address as well, they used the address listed with the vehicle address to send the decals. The Reg 1000 form does not mention this at all. Oddly the form clearly mentions that the address information must match registered owner, but does not mention that this address information would not be used to process the application. This is not just misleading, the form does not mention that the decal would be sent to the vehicle address.

The DMV representative on the phone told me to submit a change of address for the vehicle, and resubmit the application to DMV. The representative also told me that I did not need to submit a new application, and I did not need to send in another processing fee. So I sent in a change of address, and submitted the application again. After 6 weeks I received the application back in the mail unprocessed with a form stating that I had to change my address, reapply and submit payment again. This was directly contrary to what I was told on the phone. So I called the DMV Special Processing Unit again. A different representative told me that they received the application, but this was before the change of address was processed. Therefore the application was returned. This representative told me that now that the change of address was processed that the application would be processed if I returned it. I confirmed with this representative that I did not need to submit a new application, nor would I need to submit a new application fee. At this point I thought, okay. Everything should work out.

Six weeks later I received the application back again, still unprocessed, with the same form stating that I need to submit a new application, and a change of address. I will be calling the DMV Special Processing Unit again this next Monday to find out what I can do to get this approved. This is very furstrating and annoying. But perhaps this will help others to make sure that your application is processed with out problems.

So before you submit your application to the California DMV, make sure your address is correct on our vehicle registration, and matches the address on the Reg 1000 form.