Color options - a real blue is needed!

Color options - a real blue is needed!

The blue that is available seems very dark. Under some lighting it looks black.

When is the best car in the world going to come with the best color choices in the world?

Jaguar knows how to do blue:

choots.humphries | 8 maj 2013

If you were going to add a blue, I would think it would be Carolina Blue (UNC)! ;)

jbunn | 8 maj 2013

Blue IS very dark. In dim light it looks black. When sunny, it's blue. I kind of like it. I wanted a black car, and my wife wanted anything other than red or white. So from dawn to dusk she got her car, and from dusk to dawn, I got mine.

Keith72 | 8 maj 2013

I have the metallic blue and love the color. It looks great outside in the sunshine, and everyone who's seen it loves the color. Late in the day as the sun is going down it can look black, but that's the only time I've noticed it. It's a little difficult to find a good interior that goes with it. I've seen a couple of other blue ones while at the Service Center, and they had the gray interior. I went with the Tan Napa leather and the obeche wood matte, and I like that better than the gray. | 8 maj 2013

I love the blue they hsve now. | 8 maj 2013


ian | 8 maj 2013

Tan interior with the blue would be my choice too.

Not sure I want a dark car again though. Had a black one once. Ugh. What a PITA!

Gorgeous when clean but I have better things to do with my time than wash my car a couple times a week! Haha!

billbaggy | 8 maj 2013

I have the midnight blue w/gray interior - I love it!

But it is certainly not a "look at me" blue like the Jag.

RedShift | 8 maj 2013

Love my blue. Very California sea side cool.

Like me.

Brian H | 8 maj 2013


Brian H | 8 maj 2013

What's with the JAGUAR license plate?

Brian H | 8 maj 2013

Duh. It is a Jag.

hfcolvin | 8 maj 2013

The blue is not as dark as it comes across on the inter webs and pictures. I would like a slight shade lighter but still very happy. It very rarely looks black.

inverts | 8 maj 2013

Blue/grey here as well. I call it tech-cool-blue and is fitting the car very well.

Notice the color on the jag is very much affected by the large soft-box lights used; just look at the various reflections on the body. Will not look that way in a real forest to a real human eye. Maybe ab channels in Lab were made steeper as well; the orange-green contrast is too high in the distant hill past the pond.

celtrog | 8 maj 2013

I don't understand.
If you wanted black and your wife anything but red or white why not get black?????
AM I missing something?

elguapo | 9 maj 2013

I have Blue with tan and it is awesome. It is dark, but when it's light out and you see the blue, it is beautiful. Wouldn't want any other color (or car)!

StefanT | 9 maj 2013

I was a bit disappointed with how dark the blue turned out too. It looks good with the gray interior but wish it had been slightly lighter so you could tell it is blue. On the east coast where it is cloudy more often than not the car looks black which I don't care for.

bsimoes | 10 maj 2013

Ditto with the green. I can't keep the thing clean. I just had it detailed on Wednesday, and had to wash it today. (Friday) I think if I had it to do over I would have gotten the brown. The brown was my runner-up color, having never seen the green in person. I like the color, but I don't love it, and everyone thinks it's black. I wish there was a soft taupe-type color. My Prius was a sand color, and it never needed washing; it never looked dirty. (It was, though!)

appljd | 10 maj 2013

Agreed as well. That's the main reason why we did not pick the blue. Too dark.

Velo1 | 10 maj 2013

Sorry @choots.humpr...but arrest-me red is better! Go Pack!

FWIW, I have dark blue and it is very elegant looking. Go Team Tesla, too!

George with SacEV | 11 maj 2013

I wanted a sparkling metallic green, but when I saw the Tesla green option, I would have called it olive drab. It was way too dark for me. We went for the multicoat red.

I would also have liked a darker tan or even more classic baseball glove brown leather interior, just my preferences.

We will probably add a BMW i3 to our garage next year, and maybe I can get THAT in a green metallic.

jdb | 13 maj 2013

I have the signature red, and my wife and I very happy with color, but I saw the dark blue at service center other week, very elegant and sleek, and almost wanted to buy another Model S, liked it so much. Hopefully the Model X which I have on order will offer the same dark blue as the Model S. So another vote for the dark blue.

sk1656 | 13 maj 2013

I know where you're going.

EcLectric | 13 maj 2013

I like the blue of that Jag. It goes so well with the blue smoke that comes out of the tail-pipe when the rings need to be replaced...

Brian H | 13 maj 2013

Get a vinyl wrap for a few months, then you'll be able to try it out! Infinite color choice.