Could someone please post the color interiors and options for the Signature Model X?

Could someone please post the color interiors and options for the Signature Model X?

My order is in the 700 range for the signature.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2 september 2015

All in this Bjorn video. | 2 september 2015

@TeslaFans: Why don't you politely ask Tesla to do this? I think it is THEIR FRICKIN' JOB.
But they didn't respond to me.:-))

TeslaFanz | 2 september 2015

Yes it would be nice if Tesla posted it for everyone to see. We've all been waiting years for the Model X (or at least a lot of us have). So it would be nice if we could at least see all the ordering options for the Signature (even if that means we can't order ours yet).

TeslaFanz | 2 september 2015

Thank you for posting that youtube video! That was great to see. I'm surprised they aren't offering it in the metallic silver color. We had our first model S in metallic silver and I always thought that was a pretty color.

vandacca | 2 september 2015

The colours are primarily the same as the Model-S. If you watch the video again, it shows the Midnight Silver Metallic at 3:03.

mikrhans | 2 september 2015

Just a big thank you to Bjorn for his work. He is a pleasant fellow to hear. I hope he keeps on producing videos as the X develops.

TeslaFanz | 2 september 2015

Vandacca...I used to have the brilliant silver on the first model s I purchased. I just logged on and see that the Model S no longer is offered in the Brilliant Silver color and that it's the darker one now. When I placed my p85D order in January I thought they were still offering the brilliant silver color.

vandacca | 2 september 2015

@TeslaFanz, yes you're right, the brilliant Silver is no longer available. Tesla updated the available colours a little while ago - I probably should have said that the Model-X shares the same colour palette as what is currently available for the Model-S.

However, when Tesla removes options from the Design Studio, they actually still continue to offer that option for a period of time. If you really wanted a colour that used to exist, you could always contact Tesla directly to see if they still offer it. | 2 september 2015

The Fremont factory is a big empty place. I'll bet they could find a couple of buckets of leftover paint, if they looked hard enough.:-))

aesculus | 2 september 2015

And at one time for $15k they would paint an MS any color you wanted. Not sure if that is still available today.

Red Sage ca us | 2 september 2015

Unfortunately, there is no Signature Green or Signature Blue to go along with the Signature Red. Longtime fans of the Ford Explorer are sure to weep.

Mark Z | 9 september 2015

I posted the interior Design Studio screens at this TMC thread. Lots of comments were made that summarize the thinking about the various options.

My order is now confirmed, so requests for Design Studio will have to be asked of current buyers who have access. Enjoy the screens and here is one update. The Figured Ash Wood Décor is between a shiny and matte finish according to Tesla. Other update information from Tesla was added.

primetime98 | 9 september 2015

Thanks for posting Mark! Looks great, can't wait to configure mine.

carlk | 9 september 2015

@Red Sage Funny that you mention it. We had a first gen green Explorer with the Limited trim. That was a real head turner.

ericg | 9 september 2015

I would ask a sales advisor about the silver. Couldn't hurt.