Deliveries of Model X in Belgium

Deliveries of Model X in Belgium

Since I'm not able to get any information at the Tesla shop in Antwerp when deliveries of model X will begin in Belgium, my question:
Can anybody tell me how much longer we have to be patient?
I have made a deposit in February 2012, soon this will be four (4!) years ago.

I just wish to get a date of delivery, that's all. It does not need to be tomorrow... ;-) | 25 november 2015

@Olijf: me too.

NumberOne | 25 november 2015

I would think within the next 6-8 months, but this is just a guess. No US deliveries other than a handful of Founder's edition cars.

bruno.sbille | 28 november 2015

Hi Folks,

I was told by my tesla contact (Brussels) that they will receive their model X (for test-drive) only Q1 2016 and that production of model X for Europe should start only in Q1 2016...

I think in U.S they have now access to design studio if u are a "reservationholders".

So far still nothing for me

gerardP | 28 november 2015

I have a signature reservation but heard nothing until now.
I would not put too much faith in local tesla contact information, what I was said back in August was that Tesla would treat signatures in lots of some 400, first US, then EU... That did not happen, and TM is now asking regular US reservations to configure their cars before EU signatures.
There may be many reasons for that: one reason may be with the transformation of the dutch workshop that is due to be completed "early" in 2016, who knows...