Design studio

Design studio

I know the panoramic roof is iconic, but the lines with the body color roof are hard to give up. I'm wondering if glare will be a problem with all that glass...

Volker.Berlin | 30 september 2011

Yippieeh! The design studio for the Model S is up:

Fantastic news. Hours of game play ahead... :-)

Volker.Berlin | 30 september 2011

(Well, more like half an hour to explore all combinations from all available views... Anyway, it's great as it is now, and shows promise for more.)

David M. | 1 oktober 2011

Well, it's halfway up. Nothing for the interior colors. No entertainment options. Hopefully coming soon.

DartLady S77 | 1 oktober 2011

I'm glad to see it up - but hoped to see more colour choices
Happy the turbine wheels are available though

Kallisman | 1 oktober 2011

@David M.

If u read the new Features section about Model S it has some interesting information about interior and options. Still not a lot of choices there, but some hints.

Brad Holt | 3 oktober 2011

Somebody seems to have found an easter egg in the design studio, but I'm not sure if it's real or how to recreate it. Something about additional views or something. Anybody found anything like that?

David M. | 3 oktober 2011

In the "After Your Ride" tent, there were 3 leather fabric samples: an off white, a black, and a light camel color. There were also dashboard trim samples. However, these may not be finalized because they didn't make it to the design center. Let's wait and see what shows up in a couple of months. The showroom Model S cars should make it to the stores before year end. I hope.

Brad Holt | 3 oktober 2011

Whether they make it or not, I'll be posting a photo shortly.