Dual Personality: Speed vs Power

Dual Personality: Speed vs Power

Most of you know that I got Stela last Wed and life has changed in a big way. Here are the pictures.
When I am with some one, I speed the car in a big way and give them the roller coaster feeling. I feel proud when they get impressed. When I am all alone driving, I focus on reducing the wattage and power consumption. I have an 85 and so far have been driving in city so I don't have any range anxiety. However I just want to know how to people get it below 300 w/mi. So I will drive at 55, will use regen brakes to the extent I can. May be I should also use range mode ( I have not so far). I know I can speed easily but I guess I am focused on seeing how my projected miles can be very large. May be sub-consciously I am planning for my road trip.
While we are on it, I strongly recommend to get 85 rather than 60. It may be difficult to get the range which they state.

lolachampcar | 11 marts 2014

not hard at all.....
I found over time that it is very easy for me to make it below 270 WHr/mile in my trips to the hangar (24 miles each way half at 70 mph). The key is never giving away kinetic energy to heat with the brakes and, if possible, always trade kinetic energy for distance as opposed to regen.

Put differently, cost at zero power/regen (no orange or green) if possible and accelerate at 60 or so KWhHr.

It also helps if you live in flat sunny South Florida :)


amitb00 | 11 marts 2014

Hi Bill, Thanks for prompt response. What do you mean by accelerate at 60? First part (no orange or green) I get it. Cheers, Amit

NKYTA | 11 marts 2014

@amitb he means accelerate slowly, don't stomp the Go Pedal.

negarholger | 11 marts 2014

@amitb00 - the secret is in your right foot... it takes a while to train. In the beginning I used 350 Wh/m and my faster driving wife 290 Wh/m on exactly the same trip to the in-laws.

Bighorn | 11 marts 2014

He means 60kW on the power scale. It took a while for me to figure that seeing the green of regen was not always the most efficient use of kinetic energy, as Bill noted. If you can keep your usage at 20kW or lower, you'll see some good numbers--it will cause some deceleration if hills are involved, though.

lolachampcar | 11 marts 2014

Sorry about that, yes, I try (and its not easy with all that go on tap) to accelerate using no more than 60 KWH of power. That power scale is logarithmic so little changes can mean a lot in power usage.

I'm one of the worlds worst lead foot drivers and even I have caught on. If I can, anyone can. As Kleist said, it'll come with time.

amitb00 | 11 marts 2014

Bill, Nkyta, Bighorn,Kleist,
Thanks a lot for the tip. It is easy to accelerate. I will now learn to conserve power as that is more difficult thing to do. Today I tried and am seeing better results. I will keep on trying to bring number under 300.

Brian H | 11 marts 2014

And he meant "coast", not "cost". ;p

amitb00 | 11 marts 2014

Thanks Brian.

dlake | 11 marts 2014

The thing that is difficult (takes discipline) is letting all the ICE cars jackrabbit from stop lights, knowing you could blow their doors off in your Tesla. They have no idea how inefficient they are driving.

Mathew98 | 12 marts 2014

Turn on Range mode and you'll see a good 10 - 20% decrease in battery usage as well. It'll limit your heat/AC a bit but it'll prolong your range for a long trip.

amitb00 | 12 marts 2014

I am trying options suggested by Bill & others and it is definitely promising. Today on a 30 mile journey, I could do it under 300 wh/mi and did not lose much range. At the moment I am not worried about ICE cars getting past by me as I know, I can take them down at any moment I want to. I want to learn how to drive with less energy consumption. I know about range mode and on my long trip I will use that.