"E" in 7th position of VIN?

"E" in 7th position of VIN?

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My just-assigned 85D VIN is 5YJSA1 E 27FF ...

I can't find an explanation of 7th character "E" anywhere. A guess from TMC forum: 90KWh battery chemistry in the 85KWh battery.

Bighorn | 12 august 2015

Battery type

brec | 12 august 2015

OK, so mine will be among the first 85s to have this new battery type. What, if anything, might this mean to me as an owner and driver?

overthewoods | 12 august 2015

Our 90D (ordered 7/20) has V as the seventh character in the VIN.

5YJSA1 V 22FF ..

skymaster | 12 august 2015

It could not be battery type. Mine was delivered (3/13) with a "B" pack. My seventh vin# is "D".

sberman | 12 august 2015

@skymaster, at the time your Model S was delivered, the seventh character was charger type. The "D" meant a 20kw charger with supercharger hardware. Since your vehicle was made, the seventh character has changed meaning to battery type.

CRASCH | 12 august 2015

The VIN Decoder thread.

Digit 8, Motor/Drive Unit (2012+) & Battery Type (2012-2013):
C = Base A/C Motor, Tier 2 Battery (31-40kWh)
G = Base A/C Motor, Tier 4 Battery (51-60 kWh)
N = Base A/C Motor, Tier 7 Battery (81-90 kWh)
P = Performance A/C Motor, Tier 7 Battery (81-90 kWh)
1 = Single Motor - Three Phase A/C Induction
2 = Dual Motor - Three Phase A/C Induction
4 = Dual Motor - Three Phase A/C Induction Performance (not documented but seen in wild)
Digit 9, Check Digit: Variable

Looks like a new Battery designation...

brec | 12 august 2015

@skymaster, I am guessing that the seventh VIN character could still denote battery type indirectly -- via a look-up table -- even if not the same character as the traditional A, B, D battery types.

But I'm very wet behind the ears on these matters.

Galve2000 | 12 august 2015

I say H battery is the best :)~

UnshodBob | 12 august 2015

My VIN in positions seven and eight says E4 for a P90D ordered August 3, confirmed August 10. Per the TMC explanation the 4 would be dual motor performance, and the E is 90kw battery with the new fuse for ludicrous?

jsm | 12 august 2015

My 7th character is E and I have an S70 ordered.

P.Dolby | 13 august 2015

I have an S90 and it's a V.. so it sounds like it's the battery.

bernta | 14 august 2015

My 7th charater is H...

prp | 14 august 2015

I have a H on my new S85 and my yet to be built 85D.
It therefore has no reference to motor.

PBEndo | 14 august 2015


brec | 14 august 2015

It would be helpful to know confirmation, i.e., VIN generation, date along with your 7th character.

My hypothesis, based on both my 85D/Aug. 11 and UnshodBob's P90D/Aug. 10 having "E", is that "E" denotes a new battery type.

bernta | 15 august 2015

My VIN generation date: 7/26

sbeggs | 15 august 2015


prp | 15 august 2015

@ steve, reading the varients of battery size by @JSM within this thread suggests your hypothesis is deeply flawed.
I wonder if the 7th and 8th digits are the country of destination.

brec | 15 august 2015

@prp, sorry, don't understand. All that jsm said was, "My 7th character is E and I have an S70 ordered." How is that inconsistent with my hypothesis that E denotes a new battery type? (Note: battery type -- some aspect of technology -- not size/capacity.)

prp | 15 august 2015

The 90 is an improvement on the 85, so is therefore a different technology than the 70. The 70 is just less cells than an 85.

brec | 15 august 2015

@prp, my hypothesis is that that my "E" 85D on order and jsm's "E" 70 on order will have a different battery technology than ones already delivered, or at least delivered, say, a month ago or more.

"The 70 is just less cells than an 85" -- that may be true for any pair of cars, 70 and 85, manufactured at approximately the same time, but either a 70 or an 85 manufactured, say, last year may have different battery technology than one manufactured next month. And so the 7th VIN character may be changing to reflect the changed battery technology.

It seems a reasonable adjunct to the hypothesis that the different (new) 70 and 85 battery technology will be the same as that in the 90.

brec | 15 august 2015

(Wish we could edit...)

P.S. @prp My adjunct hypothesis that new 70s and 85s are now using the 90's battery technology implies that new 85s have either fewer cells than older ones or the batteries are somehow "de-tuned" to deliver "only" 85kWh.

But the "E" could still denote something about battery technology even if the change is not that it's the same technology as the 90.

Captain_Zap | 15 august 2015

There is a link to a list of VIN number designations in the General Forum FAQ. Unfortunately, I can't find it now due to the spam problem there.

brec | 15 august 2015

Sorry to take a slot for this, but since I'm active in this thread: I just changed my username from "steve".

brec | 15 august 2015

@Captain_Zap, for what it's worth, before starting this thread I looked at quite a few pages on Tesla VIN decoding. "E" in the 7th position is newer than any of the ones I looked at.

Captain_Zap | 15 august 2015

Here is the old VIN designations from the General Forum FAQ.

A new document may be filed with the NHTSA with new digit defititions.

"Captain's VIN Decoder Ring

@Captain_Zap's answer on another thread seemed like such a good start that I have added it here. Also, Nick Howe's Wiki has a VIN decoder section.

Captain_Zap | MAY 22, 2015 NEW
1st, 2nd and 3rd digits are the Manufacturer
4th digit is the Make/Body Line
5th digit is the Body Type
6th digit is the Restraint System
7th digit is the Battery Type and Dual Charger designation
8th digit is the Motor/drive unit
9th digit is the Check Digit
10th digit is the Production Year
11th digit is the Manufacturing Plant
12th digit is the Build Phase Code"

Redmiata98 | 15 august 2015

This one may have been superceeded but it works for my Oct 14, put it in Google and then open the PDF: | 15 august 2015

Here is the VIN decoder submission by Tesla for the 2015 year (the very latest submission). Oddly there is no "E" or "V" for the battery type. Perhaps they only need to make this submission once a year, as they seem to do this every year.

prp | 16 august 2015

@brec, ok starting to agree with you're hypothesis, especially after the link from @teslatap

cynix | 16 august 2015

According to Tesla's latest submission to the Australian DOT (dated 24 July 2015), the following codes should appear at the 7th and 8th digits:

E1: 60, 85
E2: 70D, 85D, 90D
E3: P85
E4: P85D, P90D

In the previous submission these were H1 to H4 respectively.

Oddly, no mention of 70.

cynix | 16 august 2015

Small correction, previously it was S1 for 60, H1 for 85, H2 for 85D, H3, for P85, H4 for P85D.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 16 august 2015

My P90D Is V4 ....99,429 confirmed July 30, delivery late Sep. Toronto, Canada was in production when power was cut! No idea at what stage it was though.

prp | 16 august 2015

I think the 60 is meant to be 70 as E1?. Can't see a new 60 making it to Australia.

cynix | 16 august 2015

Yeah prp you're probably right. Maybe they forgot to update their document before submitting.

Davidb0229 | 16 august 2015

FWIW: I just (7/31, delivery late September) ordered a 70D and my 7th and 8th digit are S2, not E2.

So the Australian codes may be different...

jsm | 16 august 2015

My 7th and 8th digit on my 70 are E1

bernta | 17 august 2015

cynix: seems right