Elon Musk Has A History Of Mismanaging Money

Elon Musk Has A History Of Mismanaging Money

I thought everyone might be interested in this guys “Opinion” and might wish to respond in his comments section for some fun…
He seems a little lost and angry to say the least… :)

Here is basically the same thing but with a video he made. Bad “video” but you get to hear the tone of his voice.

I would LOVE to hear Elon’s response. :)

He may be right on the stock, I don’t know, I hope not, but I he is WRONG about Elon himself.

jonlivesay | 9 oktober 2013

I'm an idiot for owning a Tesla, I'm also delusional for one reason or another, Elon Musk has just been lucky and his ideas are outrageously stupid. That being said, I'll still drive my car, invest when and where I want to and follow Elon and his ideas as I find them outrageous but not stupid.

How to respond to this kind of keeping it where it is, hidden away. To respond to it any other way gives it a certain credibility that it lacks on its own.

Yes stock is over-valued by some valuation models, but it's not typical stock and doesn't fit in the models for me. | 9 oktober 2013

I am sorry, but I cannot take anyone seriously with a domain called "wizardofstocks". Not gonna give him the satisfaction of getting a click.


EvaP | 9 oktober 2013

Basically, what the op is saying that Tesla isn't going to succeed because he said so.

What we can see is that he has accomplished TWO major things nobody has accomplished before: he made the most beautiful full electric car that is capable of driving long distances IN SPITE of people's prediction. Also, he has created a RE-USABLE rocket that works perfectly and has received contracts from NASA.

On top of that, he has proven that he is honest and cares about his customers when he recalled his cars for an error nobody ever has complained about. Elon is a David fighting Goliath and people love him for that.

As opposed to you, who all you can do is trashing him and please, don't take it to heart, but you sound like an airhead. If you want to be taken seriously, you should stop sounding like a teenager on steroids.

772 | 9 oktober 2013

@omarsultan i indulged my curiosity and took a look at his 'about me' ... i can tell he thinks he's got everything figured out lol. i won't give him the satisfaction of replying to that trash

Geert.Snijders | 9 oktober 2013

The greater the mind, the greater the beast. So its probably true.
But the greatest minds also know their weaknesses.
That's why they hire CFO's and accountancy firms and go public with their companies so they have to bend over backwards or perhaps even forward, in order to comply with a million+ rules and have the SEC and fanatics and press and general public all take a scrutinizing peak at what's going on down there...
Try reading the risks section of the quarterly figures filing. It's very elaborate and leaves little room for the Tesla Team to do this as a hobby and be frivolous with the funds.

Enjoy! Geert

David70 | 10 oktober 2013

Even if everything he said were true, I still wouldn't bet against anyone that lucky. The truth is, the Model S is the most amazing car available in this or any century so far.

Brian H | 11 oktober 2013

Reminds me of some idiot who says "You didn't build that."

RogerRabbit | 7 april 2014

To say the Model S is 'the most amazing car' is pretty far stretched.
Yes it's nice, looks sexy, but the fact of the matter, it takes a gigantic leap backwards into the realm of traveling with a car...

For anybody who uses their vehicle professionally, and require it be used like a tool (ie the working class) this car is useless. In fact, it could stand between your business actually making money if you need constant mobility.

The car itself is nice, but I think the world at large needs to re-assess packing 45KW/hr BATTERIES into cars. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of electric propulsion.

What a lot of people don't know / realize is that both Honda and Toyota have very much taken this problem under their belt starting in the late 90's (back when Elon Musk was building junk business to help with the collapse of Compaq)

The solution sounds something like this; you use you're electricity that would charge a battery with, and instead, apply it into electrolysis and break basic water into H2 and O2. You then compressor your Hydrogen into a tank, and then apply that compressed hydrogen into the form of a fuel cell.

This will propel a vehicle more like 350-400 miles, but best part about it, you can ACTUALLY RE-FUEL IT in just a few minutes.......

Too many online green sources like "Clean Technica" are so out of the loop on this, its not even funny. I can't help but wonder if they are paid for as part of a marketing / PR campaign from Tesla motors to keep people obsessing over a backward idea like a battery operated car.

minervo.florida | 7 april 2014

Wow, do you really believe what you wrote?

Let me know when I can fill up a hydrogen car in my city and also travel the interstate is SE US.

H2 filling stations are VERY expensive and the whole infrastructure is so costly.

Making fuel cells is super costly and raw material shortage may be an issue.

To convert to h2 filling stations would take decades.

drax7 | 7 april 2014

Elon has a history of dreaming big, and getting it done even bigger, that's his legacy
So far. And the rewards are evident.

Brian H | 7 april 2014

Another Fool Cell pusher. As Elon said, you can't even get into a rational discussion of the subject, it's so inane.

Brian H | 7 april 2014

Eva P;
The re-usable rocket is still a work in progress, and was not the basis of the NASA contracts. When the Grasshopper and soft-landing system works, it will utterly and forever revolutionize space access, however. To use Elon's analogy, it will be like having jetliners that don't have to be scrapped after every flight.