European deliveries to start in July

European deliveries to start in July

News from Geneva:

Following the twitter feed of "Grønn bil Norge" (Green car norway) @gronnbilnorge which are in Geneva listening to Musk:
Tesla: Contact will be Mode 3 Type 2, with strengthened pins to support Tesla's supercharger #geneva
Production start for Tesla's European model in June. First deliveries in July. All who have ordered until now gets a car this year. #geneva
"There will be significant supercharger deployment in Europe this year. More in Oslo tomorrow. " Tesla in #geneva

So everyone who ordered until now (roughly P3000 plus the 500 sig and 200 R) will get their car this year. Looks like a 4000 production goal for Europe. Good for me (being p2853)

Roger_NO | 5 marts 2013

Sounds good! I guess October-December (P2668)...

sethvandermeer | 5 marts 2013

Roger, we are relatively close to each other in P number. October seems rather early (but I am an optimist:-) I hope November, but as long as it is before December 31, I am happy. And I have a little longer to save for my MS. Going for the non-perf, but with all possible options!

Captain_Zap | 5 marts 2013

Congrats! I'm excited for you!

sethvandermeer | 5 marts 2013

Thanks Captain Zap. I do feel excited. Being liberated from the gas pumps, saving costs and contribute to a better world, now it all makes sense :-)

GeirT | 5 marts 2013

Look forward to the event with Elon tomorrow here in Oslo!

sethvandermeer | 5 marts 2013

GeirT: I can imagine! I will be in Geneva this Friday, won't meet Elon, but will see the S and the X, and the new color they've been speculating about....

Roger_NO | 5 marts 2013

I am very sorry to say that I was not able to attend the TM event in Oslo tomorrow.
I am very anxious to hear the Norwegian delivery schedule and if they will produce the cars in numerical order or if they will have a more geographical approach.

I am also very curios to the planned location of the superchargers...

vouteb | 5 marts 2013

UK deliveries now not until 2014


Will make it close to 3 years wait


The car better be upgraded by then, parking sensors etc etc

sethvandermeer | 5 marts 2013

Roger, I am also not able to attend :-) but for me, meeting Elon is not very important. I do want to meet my new model S ASAP :-) I hope this event sheds even more light on the European roll out, including the super chargers.

sethvandermeer | 5 marts 2013

@Vouteb: too bad for you Islanders... I would have hoped for you that rhd cars are higher on the priority list of Tesla. But pure numerical, lhd cars are far in the majority throughout the World. I sure hope it will be early 2014 for you then.

martijn | 5 marts 2013

In Antwerpen last month TM told me my P1435 should be good for a october delivery (which was a confirmation of what TM told me before after my reservation).
And TM plans to produce 100-150 EU-cars a week.
If TM is really gonna meet all EU-res. up till now in 2013, that 100/150 a week will be raised.
And my predicated wait until oct. might be shortened !

But I still keep my thoughts at oct.: Sigs have a delivery window jun-aug; so getting my MS before oct. doesn't make sense, cause that would be P1-P1.500 all in sep. But thoughts and hopes are something different.

martijn | 5 marts 2013

BTW, this information sounds really good.
"There will be significant supercharger deployment in Europe this year. More in Oslo tomorrow. "
I certainly hope for some info as in where and when.

sethvandermeer | 5 marts 2013

@Martijns: if your P1435 would be October, then my 2853 would be December. 1400 in 8 weeks, so about 150 per week.

sethvandermeer | 5 marts 2013

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sethvandermeer | 5 marts 2013

@martijn: still, the question is: will they deliver according to Pnumber, or maybe deliver by country, by similar specs, or any other logistical sequence that makes sense?

Brian H | 5 marts 2013

Sounds like TM is taking Europe seriously! Big developments, coming right up ...

martijn | 5 marts 2013

1400 in 8 weeks is a lot more: 175/week vs. 125//week = 40% more,
But if TM stated this, and by Elon!, they appear more than willing to make that happen.
So I'm happy with this. Really confident now on a 2013 delivery.
Congrats to you and all other high P2xxx ( Dutch) res.'s. You're in the party !!

martijn | 5 marts 2013

@seth again
Funny, Martijns is quit right sinds my last name starts with aS.
I assume, some logistics, similar specs etc. will matter. As we have seen in USA.
But as TM seems to push it all in to EU towards the end of 2013 I think at some point it will be only a matter of weeks to differ on the specs and country.
Wondering if Anyone has info on the shipping capacity and frequenty TM has to EU
We'll see and all be happy by next christmas ;)

sethvandermeer | 5 marts 2013

My math was maybe a bit off :-) still, if you consider drop outs and other factors, it may very well be that the delivery is anywhere between Oct and Dec. I still believe they try to deliver 4 - 5k cars in Europe this year.

Too bad they did not choose Norway to be their hub for Europe. Seems to be the country with the most Tesla's per capita!

SD Supercharger | 5 marts 2013

I hope that Elon does not tell any Swedish jokes during his Oslo trip. That being said, there are probably more than a few Swedes willing to give up their Volvo for an MS. Has anyone in Sweden put down a deposit yet? (Have not checked the worldwide distribution map yet). In Norway, smaller population, smaller distances and lack of extreme cold (south of Trondheim) are perfect for a successful Supercharger network. You guys might wind up being the envy of all Tesla owners.

RhoonNL | 5 marts 2013

Good news!
I hope by the end of this year the Dutch government has still budget left to grant the 34% tax deduction for green investments (in Dutch: de milieuinvesteringsaftrek). In 2013 cars with a CO2 emission < 50 gr / km also qualify for this deduction. The total budget for 2013 for all recognized green investments is € 101 million.
If there is no budget left by then, I will cancel my reservation and probably many business owners and self-employed professionals too.

sethvandermeer | 5 marts 2013

@Rhoon: about the Dutch deduction (mia).... Last week I ordered an Outlander PHEV for my wife. She is also a business owner. After signing the proposal you can immediately start with the approval process for mia. I wonder what qualifies for an order at Tesla...? Probably not the 4k downpayment for the reservation. But after your final configuration you will receive your order form that you need to sign. With this form you can start your application for Mia. Probably that will be somewhere around the summer, depending on your P number. I guess that will be on time.

ChristianG | 5 marts 2013

wow, so they moved from starting production in march and delivery the sigs in april-may to delivery june-august... and everybody saying it's good news?

sethvandermeer | 6 marts 2013

@ChristianG: you have to see it from the Dutch perspective I guess. Our main concern is that it gets delivered in 2013, otherwise we lose all kinds of tax breaks that make the car tens of thousands of euro's more expensive (in operation, not in purchase). So for us Dutchies it is good news it can be delivered this year. Even if it is 31-12 ;-)

GeirT | 6 marts 2013

@ ChristianG

Agree. I got depressed from this read.
I place my hope on a lot of enthusiasm tonight and that we all shall sway Elon to realise that he is in true Tesla country, that he should prioritise and nurture for future well being.

(I know. I am a dreamer)

HaraldH | 6 marts 2013

Hei GeirT, can you give us a briefing of what Elon said today.

Roger_NO | 6 marts 2013

Mr Musk's stated in his speech during the Ambassy reception in Oslo today that all reservations until now (I guess for Norway and not entire EU) will have their cars by October!

Thats really good news for us in Norway, which is the biggest market for TM after the US!

Norbert.Vienna | 6 marts 2013

@ Roger (NO)
he did not mention the year ?

Svante | 6 marts 2013

@SD Supercharger: Yep, #1152 is going to Uppsala.

bredell | 6 marts 2013

@Svante: #537 here, also Uppsala!

Svante | 6 marts 2013

@bredell: Wow, we'd better pick different colors then, I'm going for green :-)

Roger_NO | 6 marts 2013

@Norbert.Vienna: hehe. Nice one!

RhoonNL | 6 marts 2013

@seth: I hope so! I am P2792. Fingers crossed

GeirT | 6 marts 2013

@ HaraldH

Check the thread for the event.

But is short, a rock star came to Oslo. Enthusiasm high. Very positive for us Norwegians as we shall be priority no. 1 in Europe and production starts in June with July deliveries. 100 cars a week with increases as we move along. All reservations so far this year plus a month or two more will be delivered this year. Supercharges in southern Norway, meaning Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim + Stockholm. All free, for ever! Check the streaming in the other thread. Lots of good stuff. Very informal and open. Blankfein also very enthusiastic. I am happy I went.


Thotu | 6 marts 2013

P1930 in Östersund. Don't know how I'll manage to get down to Sthlm to supercharge... :-) Happy about the news of a service center in Trondheim though!
Seems to me that one will be in need of a Supercharger in between Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim as well? Especially during winter driving. Let's see what happens.

jkirkebo | 6 marts 2013

The SuperChargers will be between the norwegian cities. The Oslo-Bergen one will probably end up at Geilo. The Oslo-Stockholm one somewhere along E18 in Sweden.

One exception might be Oslo itself, we need one there too to make travel through Oslo and towards Bergen, Trondheim or Stockholm possible.

Brian H | 6 marts 2013

All current orders delivered by October. Perhaps 1,000 more in each of Nov./Dec. that new buyers can get.

Maybe world-wide Iridium connectivity after 2016 after SpaceX has completed launching its new satellites.

Michu | 5 juli 2013


GeirT | 5 juli 2013

So what about it, any news about cars being prepared for European delivery this month?
A week has passed already....