"EV-ed" charging spots

"EV-ed" charging spots

Seeing how fired up the thread on ICE'ed supercharger stations got, I figured I would share something that hacked me off yesterday.

Went to the mall, they have two public charging stations. BOTH stations were occupied by Leafs, neither of which were plugged into a charger.

Isn't the idea that you only park there if you are going to use the charger? It's not like they reserved me parking spot right next to the handicap spot as a reward for buying an EV, IMO.

Do any of you park in these spots for convenience and not to charge? Doesn't seem right to me, but maybe it's expected?

JackClark | 9 marts 2015

I've witnessed this firsthand at a local parking garage by a repeat offender. The charging station is a free one at that! If I had a short-range EV, I'd go out of my way to get a charge, especially a free one in a location that I am already going. It just doesn't make sense!

garygid | 9 marts 2015

A violating EV is as bad as an ICE, blocking the charger.

In California there is a law that says that the vehicle has
to be plugged in, but no statement about charging.
This law requires explicit wording on "nearby" signage,
but is rarely enforced, even when properly signed.

The trouble is, if somebody unplugs your car, you might
return to find that your car was towed away. So, in these
"tow away" spots, I suggest not leaving your car unattended,
and telling the management that you cannot shop at their
store because of the tow-away danger.

TaoJones | 10 marts 2015

Well, that's not at all bueno.

Worse, it appears to have happened enough that someone decided to make a product to prevent unauthorized disconnects:

Tangentially, does the app currently alert us when such a disconnect occurs from a J1772? Anyone? Anyone?

cquail | 10 marts 2015

With the Volt, if plugged in and car locked, the horn goes off if unplugged. If plugged in and not locked, nothing happens if J1772 connector removed.

ir | 10 marts 2015

App tells you when charging stops. You can investigate the cause.

PhillyGal | 10 marts 2015

Nah, not right at all.

At our local IKEA - there are designated "good" parking spots for hybrids and EVs. No chargers, just a reward for being green. THOSE are the spots for the purpose stated above.

Blocking a charger with not in use - EV or otherwise - is akin to parking in front of a gas pump for no reason. Even worse because there are often many more gas pumps nearby.

Johann @IS | 10 marts 2015


It's worse 'cause the driver should know better.

Boukman | 10 marts 2015

People need to be TAUGHT charging spots are NOT for parking. So the time the spot is used should be limited. Cars PARKED in the spots shipped be towed. Chargers should come with a blinking light, with sound perhaps, to let people know their car is charged and to move it. Warning signs should be posted to let people know the rules. Then they could park at their own risk and suffer the consequences.

proven | 10 marts 2015

I only use charging spots for charging and wouldn't ever consider parking in one if not plugged in.

That being said, most of the time when I plug in at a public charger I don't really *need* the charge and it's quite possible that someone driving a leaf who probably actually needs some juice is going to miss out. I try to be mindful of that as well. | 10 marts 2015

A new CHAdeMO and J1772 charger went in at our local supermarket. Seems like an odd place, but why not. In huge letters painted on the asphalt it states "For Electric Vehicle Charging Only".

Seems like the exact right thing to say. So far, I've not seen it ICEd and only once with a Leaf not plugged in. Other times EVs were charging there. This lot is also often full, so it's nice to see people actually reading and doing the right thing.

AmpedRealtor | 10 marts 2015

The only way these people will learn a lesson is by causing them financial pain. Call the police and get them ticketed or towed. I guarantee they won't make the same mistake twice.

SeattleSid | 10 marts 2015

I've seen Teslas doing the same thing, parking without charging (not even backed in to allow it!) at a local mall, where the spaces are the closest to the entrance. I've left sticky notes. As I recall, the words "dick move" were involved.

Earl and Nagin ... | 10 marts 2015

Unfortunately, I've experienced the same as SeattleSid. Most EV's blocking chargers I've seen without having the decency to plug in have been Volts but Teslas are close behind.

tes-s | 10 marts 2015

Sign at Greenwich supercharger: 15 minute general parking; 45 minutes while charging.

mbirnie51 | 10 marts 2015

I sheepishly admit to parking in a charging slot, not as an excuse, but it was a Blink charger that had not worked for over 30 days and is on our private property at the local JATC (there was a service request to fix 2 of 3 units). Yes, its not right, but the Blink network is/was a disaster and in the Seattle area should be able to be profitable. Their customer service is dismal at best, and I tore up my membership card about 6 months ago. Has anyone else had a similar experience, or is there someone out there that "likes" Blink??

Earl and Nagin ... | 11 marts 2015

I agree that there is no reason not to use broken blink spaces, however, if they are adjacent to working chargers, they should only be used if you need to charge and you should leave your charge port open and puck in. This will enable nice adjacent charger users to plug your car in when they are through (if they're willing to pay for your charge)
I can't say much good about Blinks. They epitomize what happens when the government tries to do something (lowest bidder contractor, great ribbon cutting photo-op, deployed mostly to useless places, worked poorly at first, quit working shortly after). At 16 amps, they are hardly worth the effort of plugging in.
Tesla demonstrates what free enterprise that must succeed can do.

garygid | 11 marts 2015

+1, I agree.

JAD | 11 marts 2015

In San Diego EV's are really taking off. The waterpark has about 20 prime parking spots for EV Only parking. Every time I go, it is full of EV's. The Suburban EV, Dodge Caravan EV, Escalade EV, Ford F150 EV, Honda Pilot EV, even the rare 1985 Honda Accord EV...

Haggy | 11 marts 2015


In California there is a law that says that the vehicle has
to be plugged in, but no statement about charging.
This law requires explicit wording on "nearby" signage,
but is rarely enforced, even when properly signed.

I've always considered that a major flaw with the law as it's written. But it's also something that can only be enforced by the property owner or agent, who must be the one who calls for the tow truck. I doubt that they would go after an EV in an EV space, especially if the adapter is locked into the car but the cable is missing.

Likewise there's no clear procedure outlined in the law for a property manager to authenticate that he is authorized, so if the appropriate towing company got a call saying "This is Gary and I'm the manager at XXX parking. Can you come and tow a car that's parked illegally in an EV space?" I don't think the tow truck driver would show up and wait around for somebody to sign anything or show an ID that says "authorized property manager."

Captain_Zap | 11 marts 2015

I tried to use a Blink charger and the handle was stuck in the unit so that wouldn't release. I called Blink, they couldn't do anything about it remotely.

I moved the car to regular parking because there was a high likelihood that I would have been ticketed in that location if I wasn't plugged in and charging.

I haven't happened upon a working Blink charger in almost two years.

akw | 26 februar 2016

EV charging parking should have a flashing beacon if not having an EV plugged in. Shows EV driver the availabliity visible from a distance. But, if a vehicle is parked, not plugged in, then it will be an obvious violation and should be penalised.

inconel | 26 februar 2016

Good idea. Maybe also flashing if plugged in but not charging or finished charging over 5 min ago

alex | 26 februar 2016

I feel bad about this, but I did park in a charger spot while not charging. I reasoned that there was another empty charger spot next to it and that I would be gone in only 30 minutes.

In general, I will only park at a public charger if it is out of order. I do not use public chargers myself.

Haggy | 26 februar 2016

I've never parked in an EV space without charging, but have parked in charging spaces when I could have gotten by without charging. One time was at a private event and it was a matter of whose Tesla ended up there. Another time it was at the airport, I wouldn't have gotten a closer space, and I was picking up my father who has his own blue placard that would have entitled me to move my car closer anyway. Neither time prevented anybody from charging who needed it.