Expectations: Tesla Motors 2013 Annual Stockholder Meeting

Expectations: Tesla Motors 2013 Annual Stockholder Meeting

Are there any expectations of anything newsworthy to come out of the shareholder meeting on Tuesday?

Curt Renz | 2 juni 2013

Of course not being in management, I cannot foretell the details. The purpose of such a meeting is to convince stockholders to not only retain their shares for the long run, but also to buy a lot more. These are usually major rah-rah affairs, if a company’s stock has risen nicely over the previous twelve months. It will likely begin with a standing ovation for Elon Musk for having caused the stock price to more than double since the April 17th announcement of the meeting.

Many of the grateful attendees will be the larger owners, including mutual fund managers. They’ll likely be told what is being done to insure increasing demand for the Model S and to ramp up production to meet that demand. Almost certainly there is some surprise that Elon has been holding back for this meeting. It will undoubtedly conclude with another rousing round of applause.

Teslation | 2 juni 2013

If you want to add to Elon's list of genius abilities, I'd add positive management of the press, promoting the company, etc. I'm sure we can all look for a few new tidbits and hints of things to come for sure. | 2 juni 2013

+1 Curt and Tesluthian

Many thanks

Am hoping to read / see the full details.

Teslation | 2 juni 2013

Yeah TD, EM really has this publicity thing down pat. Elon's probably got a tickler file (an index card list kept in a box file ), for real, or in his head of a gazillion publicity ideas which he constantly adds to. Probably keeping some for emergencies too, lol.

If you notice EM never gives out a whole lot of newsworthy stuff out at once, but now just keeps a constant flow of info coming.

And the shareholders will get to quiz Elon & mgt on just about anything, they will not be confined to just one topic as in some press conferences. And technically, EM works for all the shareholders. So if you buy a few shares, you'll technically be Elon's boss !

Brian H | 2 juni 2013

Or his partner, more like, considering the number of shares he owns. | 3 juni 2013

Please let them show the latest Model X!

bill49er | 3 juni 2013

Do we need to register to attend the annual meeting or just show up?

Whity Whiteman | 4 juni 2013

it's a first time shareholdermeeting via Webstream AND it is in the museum of computer-history.
3PM Pacific is Germany Midnight. I'll be on it for sure- live!

Bring Model X in the game or apple or Mercedes as Superchargerpartner

Teslation | 4 juni 2013

Leave it to Elon to multitask the Shareholders meeting into more good pub.

Any ideas for improvement of the Shareholders meeting for next year ?

I've got one, how about taking a few Internet questions at the shareholders meeting ? Say one fromTwitter, FaceBook, YouTube etc. Ask for submissions a couple of months ahead of time to verify you are a shareholder.