Extended warranty

Extended warranty

Do you need to buy the extended warranty at the time of purchase?
Most car companies allow you to purchase the extended warranty prior to the expiration of the 50k warranty.
Any one read/hear/experience anything related to this issue?

jat | 2 januar 2013

The extended warranty, prepaid battery replacement, and prepaid service plans aren't available yet -- I was told that they would be available for purchase in mid/late January.

Previous announcements indicated you had to buy them within 30 days of getting your car, but until the final docs are available we won't know for sure.

SD Supercharger | 2 januar 2013

sbrizius | 2 januar 2013

This is the answer I got from my Product Specialist on 12/28 ...

Yes, the extended warranty will be available next month for purchase. Once it is available you will have 30 days to purchase it.

MandL | 3 januar 2013

It sort of sucks. 30 days to come up with a few thousands of bucks right after dropping as much as you could on a down payment on a $100K car (not to mention right after holidays). I asked if it could be added to the purchase price (and financing) when I took delivery, but they couldn't do it. Not all of us have endless cash sitting around to keep throwing Tesla's way. Hopefully I'll get all my tax docs in time to claim my $7500 tax credit before the 30 day clock stops.