Extended warrenty and service contract

Extended warrenty and service contract

What's your feeling on purchasing the extended warranty and service contracts? I live close to a service center so I won't require the ranger service, however $6300 for the extended warranty and 8 years of service seems steep. The car seems pretty maintenance free to me. Do you think these would have value if I sold the car in 2-3 years. Love the car no problems, bought it outright, however I'm use to leasing cars the past 15 years. Thanks

lov2krz | 25 april 2013

I purchased the 8 years of service.

I'm going to wait until year four to buy the extended warranty which should cover headlights, door handle motors, mirror moters, window motors, inverter, electric motor, etc.

Just my point of view.

AaronL | 27 april 2013

Thanks for your thoughts. Now with the announcement that yearly service isn't required to maintain the warranty. It is more puzzling