"Fast Company" Tesla Article

"Fast Company" Tesla Article

Volker.Berlin | 19 marts 2012

Nice read, thanks for the link!

jackhub | 19 marts 2012

Good article! Brings some different perspectives together with balance . . . and Elon's vision. Tks.

David M. | 19 marts 2012

Finally, a balanced article from someone who has visited the factory and ridden in a Model S. Bravo.

gagliardilou | 19 marts 2012

I really enjoy fastcompanies magazine. As far as I am concerned, everything seems to be right on track with Tesla's plan.

adstein | 19 marts 2012

Excellent article. I agree that they are taking the only and best path to create the next successful car company.

Brian H | 19 marts 2012

Long article, read it twice. Thx. A few quibbles, but best big pic single piece I've seen.