Firmware Upgrades

Firmware Upgrades

Why doesn't Tesla send out a notice of major items included in firmware upgrades?

JackB | 28 september 2012

Actually, I believe they are filling car owners in. I was contacted and told what would happen and when to expect it. It sounds like they are going to redefine an "ideal range mile" to match the EPA's rating.

Jack Bowers

mkh1437 | 18 januar 2013

Resurrecting this generic thread to ask a generic firmware question. I understand that firmware update will prompt you to schedule the update (default is 2am). My question is, do you have to acknowledge and schedule the update? Or, if I do not see the notice when my car is notified about the update, will it go ahead and install it at 2am anyway?

DonS | 19 januar 2013

I suppose it might be nice to have on your computer at home, but it is always on the car. Look on your car info and there is a button to see new features of the current release.

mkh1437 | 19 januar 2013

That's not what I am asking. I mean, when my car get's the notification that there is an update... do I have to acknowledge and schedule it before it will install it? Or if I do not see the message (like if I do not drive my car for a few days), will the car install the update at 2am automatically, without my acknowledgment?

Brian H | 19 januar 2013

It will not install by default. You must acknowledge, because it cannot install while you are driving. And you cannot drive while it is installing.

Manta | 19 januar 2013

@Brian H - In that case, it would be nice if the mobile app pushed a notification when an update is available with the ability to acknowledge, schedule, or re-schedule the update.

BYT | 19 januar 2013

There is no mobile app yet to my knowledge, is there?

riceuguy | 19 januar 2013

BYT, a number of people in the forum are beta testing the app now...

SD Supercharger | 19 januar 2013

Word from the Beta testers is that they were told it will be released within the next 2 weeks

sergiyz | 19 januar 2013

I've been told within the next 2 weeks about 2 months ago ;)

stevedar | 19 januar 2013

mkh1437, to answer your original question, when you get an update a little amber clock icon appears at the top of your display. Tapping it gives you the option of installing now or scheduling later OR you can close the dialog and nothing will be installed until you tap the clock icon again to choose one of the options.