Fisker's "Answer" to the Model X -- the Surf

Fisker's "Answer" to the Model X -- the Surf

They call it a station wagon, low 6 figures price tag, 50 miles electric then hybrid.

I think it looks dramatically ugly, but that's just me.

Volker.Berlin | 20 september 2011

I think it looks dramatically ugly

Brian, for once I agree with you. What's more, it remotely looks like a station wagon, but it isn't. From these images, it seems obvious to me that everyday usability and in particular cargo space of the Karma Surf is far behind the Model S, not even to mention the Model X.

What's the point of being able to drop the rear seats when there is still a HUGE barrier between the trunk and the passenger salon?

David M. | 20 september 2011

I can't see Fisker selling very many of them. It does not look appealing. Plus, six figures for a station wagon?

MTriantafelow | 20 september 2011

I actually thought this was a photoshopped joke until I read the articles. Are they serious?

Volker.Berlin | 20 september 2011

I actually thought this was a photoshopped joke...

One would think so but it's for real. Real ugly hybrid nonsense, if you ask me. Here is a video. Note how there is an ICE sound when they demonstrate how the Fisker can be charged. It's probably a diesel generator, b/c the scene takes place in the open field with no outlet in sight... Still it's very weird to see the electrical charge plug and hear the sound of an ICE running at the same time.

EdG | 21 september 2011

I know they want to show off the looks of the car, but why do they always drive so slowly? Not even one shot of it going over a few kph. The video makes it look like you drive it for a mile at 10 kph, and then you need to charge it up 4 or 5 times.

These people need a script writer.

jfeister | 21 september 2011

I've never been a big fan of Fisker as a company. They don't seem to have a very focused vision IMO. This wagon is a good example of that. A 100k wagon just doesn't seem like it would appeal to many folks.

I will say though I like the little gear selector on the center console.

Brian H | 22 september 2011

Here's some more on it:

They claim to have delivered a few Karmas in the US. Anyone located a blog dedicated to it yet?

Brian H | 22 september 2011

From a few more sites. Here're performance stats (from a laughably translated page:

And Fisker Surf had a power to move it at Fisker Karma – the equivalent pace is about 5.9 seconds for 0-60 mph in sport mode which uses the combination of electric power and gasoline. In the default all – electric stealth mode, 0-60 mph to arrive in 7.9 seconds.

Here's a site with actual comments, tho' no owner/users yet, of course:

DartLady S77 | 25 september 2011

What do you get when you cross the Batmobile with a station wagon?
Fiskar Surf

UGLY! And still a hybrid......

discoducky | 25 september 2011

Fisker's can't be on US roads until they get an EPA sticker...pending...due in November.

This is what I would want Elon to say when asked about the Surf.

Surf is crazy fugly. I'm guessing this is what you build when you don't have Tesla plans to work from ;)

Booyah! Bazinga! Oh how the truth hurts!

Vawlkus | 26 september 2011

Actually, I think Elon is more likely to have a heart attack....... brought on by excessive laughter, "This is the best they've got?"

VolkerP | 26 september 2011

hold it, boys n ladies.

I think it is GREAT that the Fisker Karma and Fisker Surf are there.

I am sure the following will happen:
- some wealthy guy hears about new $100k luxury car and must have one before his friends
- some eco-geek want to test a hybrid but can't really afford it
- some even might like the looks. It's all in the eye of the beholder...

They test ride the car and learn, uh, it is electric. Well, sort of. They like the quick and silent electric drive mode. Then the 4cyl engine kicks in disturbingly. They talk to other people about that ride and get told that a pure electric ride - the good part, but even quicker and always silent - is available with Model S. Sale!

Brian H | 27 september 2011

Seems the reason they stretched it a bit and called it a station wagon was to get past the truly pathetic storage space of the Karma.

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