Getting annoying key fob onto a key ring

Getting annoying key fob onto a key ring

Anyone have any luck getting the Tesla-S key fob onto a key ring? The slot seems to be too angled to get a key ring in.

Somebody at Tesla thought they were being cute, but they were just annoying. Give me a standard, 3-button fob with a key ring any day.


jjaeger | 20 januar 2013

A lot of threads here and TMC on this. Many (including me) went with the following - works very well.

jjaeger | 20 januar 2013

And should have added - it's nice if you're brave enough to valet, as you can unclip it from your chain.

Brian H | 20 januar 2013

Also, simple solution: 2 rings. One small one on the FOB, with the large one attached to it. Think of it as a short chain!

welockett | 20 januar 2013

Don't try to get a key ring through the slot on the fob. Just take a small zip tie, and zip the ring to the fob. Works really nice for me./Users/Wayne/Desktop/photo.JPG

welockett | 20 januar 2013 does one attach a photo?

Velo1 | 20 januar 2013

Yesterday I ordered a couple of the OP-TECH straps from Amazon. I did this after visiting Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and 3 small camera stores. None, zero, zip, nada, had anything that would fit the relatively tiny gap Or slot on the FOB for an attachment. I even thought about just using a small jewelry chain, but my wife caught me digging through her jewelry box and now I am in Tesla Timeout until tomorrow. Now I have Tesla withdrawal ;)

Velo1 | 20 januar 2013

Thanks Welockit, great idea. I just did this and have the FOB attached to the Tesla Keychain they game me at the Get Amped Tour. Seems like an oxymoron: Tesla keychain.

bobinfla | 20 januar 2013

Okay, I've resisted as long as I can, but after dozens or hundreds of posts about how to attach the key fob to a key ring, I have to ask:


I have a card shaped key fob for my Miata, and when I leave the house in the morning I put it in my pocket and it just stays there until the I am emptying my pockets onto the dresser at the end of the day. Why does the fob need to ride around on a key ring? Doesn't that just make the various parts (ring, keys, fob, decorative piece) all point out in odd directions from each other and make it uncomfortable in your pocket?

I have a single house key that resides on a key ring (a very sharp-looking Tesla Key Chain, I might add, and only cost me $5k so far) which I use to lock the door behind me and then throw into the cup holder in the car, where it stays until I get home at the end of the day and need the key again.

Office keys (way too many of them to carry around) ride around in my briefcase.

So why are we attaching the fob? Unfortunately, I don't have my car and fob yet, but is it substantially heavier than it looks so it will crash through the bottom of your pocket if not properly restrained? Is it bulkier than I remember from the Test Drive event ("Hi good looking...Do you own a Tesla or are you just happy to see me?")

Please enlighten me so I can put this behind me and go back to worrying about the lack of cup holders.

Velo1 | 20 januar 2013

I don't know about others, but I'm worried as heck I might lose the FOB when I travel, so having it attached to a keychain allows me to use a small c-clip or caribiner inside my computer backpack.

walla2 | 20 januar 2013


1. I don't like having my important keys spread all over my body. I could put my fob in one pocket and my keys in another, but I know myself and I will either wash or lose one or the other. One set of things bundled together means only keeping track of one set.

2. Some of us have to carry alot of keys and don't/can't carry bags/purses/briefcases. I personally could carry a briefcase I guess but that's a little more bulky for my than a key ring with keys on it.

3. The fob is very light and sleek. I think 1 & 2 address the reasons for a keyring attachment for the Tesla Model S fob.

Velo1 | 20 januar 2013

Or if I had an empty cupholder, I would just use it the hold the FOB, but I need the two cupholders, one for my coffee or water bottle and the other is used by my wife because she needs to use two hands to manually fold in the passenger-side mirror when we pull into our garage.

jjaeger | 20 januar 2013

Fob, Chargepoint card for work charging and my 3 keys all on one ring work perfect for me. bobinfla as to your question, I prefer to not keep track of two items (keys & fob) just one. all fit nicely on a ring with no concern.

Getting Amped Again | 20 januar 2013

The solution for this is to have the functions of the fob built into the mobile app. Require a 4-digit PIN to access the app (or just use the phone security) and and you have a more convenient and more secure fob replacement. Program in all the fob features that people want, like driver profiles, all windows down, go to and display home page, media start, etc.

Surely someone can figure out how to handle the proximity features of the fob via software (GPS?). Keep the fobs home for emergencies (but if you're over 25 how often do you lose your phone?)

Getting Amped Again | 20 januar 2013

I just wanted to add that I have a mobile app that controls my cable box without any device plugged into my phone and without a line-of-sight requirement. I have no idea what technology is used. Maybe it's wi-fi and an internet connection to the provider's servers. There's very little delay however.

DouglasR | 20 januar 2013

But Getting, how do you attach your smartphone to your key ring?

Getting Amped Again | 20 januar 2013


dave.rauschkolb | 21 januar 2013

Hey guys, I used 20 or 30 pound test fishing line to attach my key to my other key rings. Just make a loop and push it through and both ends to make a knot then loop it through. Pretty simple and it looks good.

Beaker | 21 januar 2013

I used one of these:

Gave some of the extras to some co-workers who also have Ss.

So far (2 months) they are holding up nicely.

olanmills | 21 januar 2013

The Model S key fob does not belong with your other lowly keys! *pthoo*pthoo* I say! (that's me spitting)

I just keep the fob in my coin pocket. I like it that way.

Robert22 | 21 januar 2013

Just make sure your coins are in another pocket. Found out the hard way that change nicks and mars the FOB.
Now I just keep the FOB in my ear where it's safe. Tire noise also drops off substantially....

Brian H | 21 januar 2013

You medicos can be so crude. How about using it to reduce flatulance?

>:P :D

Brian H | 21 januar 2013

typo: flatulence

jbh | 23 februar 2013

i am using a bread tie....

gregv64 | 23 februar 2013

I'm using a bread tie as well.

Getting Amped Again | 23 februar 2013

Put all the features of the fob into the mobile app and lets leave our fobs at home.

bbmertz | 23 februar 2013

@Beaker, I also ordered and am using the cell phone straps from Amazon which you mentioned. Well worth the big $2 investment for 10 straps which I too occasionally hand out to fellow MS owners.

Brian H | 23 februar 2013

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Trainer04 | 18 februar 2014

@welockett Zip tie works a treat! I used a small black one, pulled it almost tight and cut it flush. A simple solution. Thanks!
I love this forum!

DTsea | 18 februar 2014

Get one of the little neoprene fob cozys from the Tesla store... they have key rings attached.

Personally I prefer fob in R pocket, metal keys in left. Less bulk.

mantin | 18 februar 2014

I make lanyards and made one onto the fob - looks wonderful and I like my handiwork.

jajabor | 18 februar 2014

Here is mine after little bit of DIY...

2-Star | 19 februar 2014

I don't see any fob cozys anywhere in the Tesla store. Can you give a link?

AmpedRealtor | 19 februar 2014

This product is superior to the free Tesla fob sock, come in a variety of colors, and can be attached to your belt loop:

2-Star | 19 februar 2014

But sadly Tesla has forced Abstract-Ocean to stop selling the fobs with Tesla logos. The only fob left for sale today is the Deluxe model with a camouflage design. Glad I already have several Classic and Deluxe with the Tesla logos; they're great! Tesla should license Abstract-Ocean.

judimasters | 19 februar 2014

Simply thread a small length of nylon cord and tie it and burn the ends.