Anybody have eyes on the Gilroy Supercharger site? We stopped by over a week ago and there was only one charging pedestal ready and one being put in.

David den Boer | 9 oktober 2012

I went by there on Sunday, and it is in the same state it was in two weeks ago. One pedestal, one more to be put in. No sign of activity.

gimp_dad | 9 oktober 2012

This is probably already known by most I guess but a few days ago they added a date of Oct 19 to the Supercharger page for the date that the first six stations will be active. Not sure this is totally relevant to the question but since Gilroy is one of the six it should become accessible on that date. I suppose as long as it has one station it would technically be "active".

Brian H | 9 oktober 2012

One unit handles 2 cars.

murraypetera | 10 oktober 2012

Are they putting in HPC units as well or only DC?
It would be highly dissapointing if they did not.

Michael23 | 10 oktober 2012

Yeah I'm waiting to drive down to big sur and wanted to use gilroy!

DarrellH | 11 oktober 2012

Thanks David. I hoped it would be further along. We are going by there on Saturday on our way to/from Carmel. We'll check it out and report back if there is anything going on in advance of October 19.