Google Maps/Navigation needs some work?

Google Maps/Navigation needs some work?

I've noticed that the map data very often loads slowly. To the effect that I often see half the map as grey blocks, not map data. The problem is intensified as I drive faster and as I zoom in more. Both of those conditions make the map move and update more quickly.

Running in the same conditions with google maps on my iphone which is on the same 3g network does not have any issues at all. This leads me to believe that it's likely some kind of software issue, or perhaps even lack of cpu power, although i'm assuming there's a decent chip in the MS considering how affordable a relatively powerful cpu is these days.

There's another, more significant problem I'm experiencing as well. If I zoom in/out and the app is thinking, it literally blocks all other actions from being executed until google maps is finished its zoom in or out, i cannot use any other functions such as climate control, volume control, etc... It's as if the OS is waiting for the maps app to finish whatever it's doing before acting on any other request. Interestingly enough, it does queue the actions you tried to take while the system was "frozen" and executes them afterwards.

Is anyone else experiencing these problems? Is there a fix for it?

R3dStang66 | 30 december 2012

I have same issue but i'm wondering if its because of my weak 3g signal. I'm sure they will optimize the software to run smoother.
I just want to be able to log into my google maps and import all my stuff. I dont like not having the ability to bookmark my current position and keeping it as a favorite. I like to see all my favorite poi as i drive.

LorenS | 30 december 2012

I've noticed this as well, but I realize I don't really need to be zooming in and out all the time. I just navigate to where I want to go. I guess that isnt rally a fix but more of an excuse. Also I found that to clear the black blocks, you can make something like the radio full screen and then go back to the map. That seems to clear it.
It would be nice to just log to google and have the full functionality since there is Internet access.

roger | 30 december 2012

Has anyone figured out how to change the settings on the moving map so that the direction of the car is always pointing up? Right now my map seems to only offer the "north is up" mode.

DouglasR | 30 december 2012

I think it's just slow 3G. The reason you don't see it on your phone is that the screen is much smaller so there is far less data to load.

cerjor | 30 december 2012

I talked with Jason at TM this morning and complained (politely) about the north up only. I also suggested that intermediate points between the start and end of a route could be inserted. I want to go from A to B to C to D... He said he would pass these on to the software people and to look for them in a future update.

Brian H | 31 december 2012

Not possible yet. The dash map will do it, though.

R3dStang66 | 31 december 2012

I'm not quite sure if i read it on this forum or others, but wouldnt be easier just to load the map to the local drive. Say for example load CA maps so it wouldnt have to use 3G? I bet it would save access time and save energy.

DouglasR | 31 december 2012

@R3dStang66, I think that's what they're planning to do.

one2mark | 31 december 2012

I thought the cars were going to have hard drive based maps, GB mentioned that map updates were free for the first 7yrs. We noticed tonight that the Google Earth maps were really atleast 18mos old. It didn't even show my swimming pool that we put in back in June 2011.

Brian H | 1 januar 2013

Omg! A map that omits your swimming pool! Do you feel dissed and denigrated??


Volker.Berlin | 1 januar 2013

R3dStang66, at some point, in the early days, some advanced caching for maps was promised, that would cover a radius of up to 300 miles (i.e., the maximum range of the car) and could be used to pre-fetch your maps while on Wifi. AFAIK, it is still unclear if or when that will be in place.

one2mark, there are actually two systems that live in parallel on the Model S: There's Google Maps, and there is a Navigon satnav system. Google Maps offers satellite view and maps must be downloaded, while the Navigon system has "hard drive based maps" (not really a physical hard drive, but maps are stored locally and are available independent from data connection). The Navigon part is definitely only available with the Tech Pkg. Since there are very few cars delivered until now that do not have the Tech Pkg, the exact feature set of that configuration is still subject of discussion:

one2mark, 18 months is actually pretty up-to-date in the maps business. If you buy a map that is labeled 2012, it doesn't mean that the maps were sourced in 2012. It means they were published in 2012, and from acquiring satellite images to deriving navigateable maps there's a lot of work to do, which takes considerable time. The local maps of the Navigon system will be updated independently from the Google maps, but I don't expect them to be any more current than Google.

MandL | 2 januar 2013

It's actually a little frustrating. I've posted before how the Navigon maps are out of date compared to Google, so while I can clearly see on the 17" screen that I'm on a perfectly usable (new) highway, the Navigon display on the dash has me in the woods and is constantly updating the directions as I pass or near roads it knows about.

This week I entered the address of the new house my parents just moved to and it showed up correctly on the Google map in the search result, but when I hit the "navigate" button Navigon sent me off to a completely different part of town to a road with a similar but not identical name. It seems this second case could be at least partly resolved by having Maps send the lat/lon coordinates instead of the address to Navigon, but I have no doubt there will still be confusion between the two.

Dripps | 2 januar 2013

Anyone else think Tesla should modify that big arrow pointer showing your location on the map to look like a Model S? Is so big I think it'd be fun to see a car moving on those roads.

Tâm | 2 januar 2013

Hi roger:
You’ve got the best of both world: 1) North Up on Google Map at center console and 2) 360 degree map at the instrument display that constantly turns with the direction of the car.

RZitrin1 | 2 januar 2013

Pointing up is one of the items on the Prioritized Software List. It's an important list that Tesla is looking at. Go on and vote for your priorities. There are over 60 items, starting with #1, distance boxes for the rear camera.

Now, has anyone had the experience of LOSING the map navigation? Mine was working fine until 2-3 weeks ago, when I got an error message saying I lost the mapds (I didn't, but I can't navigate).

Sander | 3 januar 2013

My map navigation worked for a few days and now is glitched. My position icon will drive off of the screen, and the underlying map will get stuck in a previous location. I thought it was an issue of poor 3G, but it now appears to occur even with good signal strength.

DTsea | 3 januar 2013

I was told cached maps are prt of tech package as is point of view and turn by turn.