Got email to configure - regular (non sig)

Got email to configure - regular (non sig)

Got the email today, I have a configure button.
70D - delivery mid to lat 2016, $80000
90D - mid 2016, $95500
P90D - early 2016, $115500

+options. Pre-incentive prices.

Triggerplz | 23 november 2015

Good to hear there's movement its about time.What options did you get and how much were them?. CONGRATS

DriverZ | 23 november 2015

So the obvious questions are:

What options are missing on the Production P90D that are present on the Signature to make the base price $16,500 less?

Are those options (other than Signature Red paint) available at any price, or are they just not available if you don't get a Sig?

If they are available, how much do they cost? If you confiured a production P90D to be as close to a Sig as possible, did the Sigs get a discount for giving a larger deposit up front? Or do the Sigs end up paying a premium on essentially the same car because they receive delivery sooner?

davidwaldman | 23 november 2015

Non Signature #863
Current thought -
90D (95500)
Midnight Silver Metallic Paint (1000)
Black Leather Seats (2500)
Seven Seats (4000)
Auto Pilot (2500)
Premium Package (4500)
Subzero (1000)
Dest & Doc (1200)
Total pre tax & pre incentives = $112,200

bingham_10016 | 23 november 2015

Me too, reserved march 2012

rdalcanto | 23 november 2015

Typo OP:
Options are 70D, 90D, P90D.
I was planning on the 90D. Reserved over 2 years ago. Originally expecting delivery 5 months ago. Extended the lease on the wife's car by 6 months, and now that expires in January. Not happy that we are another 6-9 months out if we choose the 90D option despite having an early production number. We could buy a used car and trade it on delivery, or take over another lease, and still come out ahead by doing the 90D and waiting again. AAArrrggghhhh! :(

dmital001 | 23 november 2015

Ludicrous - $10000
Active Spoiler - included (only P90D)
Red brake Clipers - included (only P90D)
Seven Seat interior - 4000, 5 seat interior - 3000, 5 seat interior - included
Autopilot - 2500
Premium Upgrade package - 4500
Smart air suspension - included, 2500 (for 70D)
High fidelity sound - 2500
sub-zero weather package - 1000
Towing package - 750
Accessory hitch - optional, factory installed free if needed

Roamer@AZ USA | 23 november 2015

Maybe there is hope.

paradis | 23 november 2015

What seems to be missing from both the standard features and the options is the charger spec (48A/72A). I also was planning on a non-performance but it looks like that will delay my delivery another few months. The extra 7 miles range was more important to me than the 1 second difference in 0-60 time.

rdalcanto | 23 november 2015

+1 paradis
My wife is not interested in faster 0-60 time, but more range would be nice. To pay an extra $20K just to have the car months sooner and lose range in the process really sucks.

teslagiddy | 23 november 2015

Awesome. Can anyone post what's in the Premium Upgrade Package?

amt.kumar | 23 november 2015

Got the email earlier this evening for configuration. I am probably going to choose the base 70 D model.

@teslagiddy, below are the details. Personally I am not sure if it is really worth it.

- Self presenting automatic driver detects your proximity and opens it own its own.
- HEPA Air filteration system
- Carbon Air purification system
- Ventilating front seat
- Leather arm rests, steering wheels, lower dashboard
- Headliner and dashboard upgrade
- LED Ambient light
- LED nighttime turntables (3 way)
- LED fog light

aljjr2 | 23 november 2015

@teslagiddy... go to the link listed above on Teslamotorclub... you can read the Premium Upgrade Package.

carlk | 23 november 2015

Can believe the lukewarm response for the big news here. Forces me to go to tmc forum. Anyway likely still quite a way to go for my rev 12K to receive an invitition to configure.

Roamer@AZ USA | 23 november 2015

@carlk, The troops are battle worn.

carlk | 23 november 2015


sdj | 24 november 2015

Your Model X was reserved on 17/05/2013. You’ll be invited to configure based on the date of your reservation.

New on my tesla page. Eur P #356. Any Euro sigs get to configure yet?

Car Trust | 24 november 2015

That's going to be a cool £100k here in the UK for a P90DL with all the trimmings. So it's either a P90DL or a Range Rover Supercharger Autobiography. Hmmm which one has Gull, I mean Falcon Wing doors!?

eric.zucker | 24 november 2015

Hmm ... I beat you all. MyTesla page says I reserved on Dec 31 1969... it's possible, I was 18 months old back then :-)

Certainly feels like I've been waiting this long for my Model X.

matt.901 | 24 november 2015

Yes mine says Dec 31 1969 too!

sdj | 24 november 2015

Yes when I login in as Norway as home country I also get :
Your Model X was reserved on 31/12/1969. You’ll be invited to configure based on the date of your reservation.

Going in under US i get the other actual date.

medplex | 24 november 2015

Reserved 12/7/12 no configurator yet

NumberOne | 24 november 2015

I will probably not sleep tonight... Did not get my invite yet, but I hope to get it soon! Mine priced out at 107,512 which is very close to what I was hoping to pay including taxes, but those still have to be added.

NumberOne | 24 november 2015

It would seem they knew about the car in Norway back in 1969. Amazing...

AlMc | 24 november 2015

@CarlK and @Roamer: Yes, the faithful are tired because of the long delay and some feature changes from the prototype.

Even though we all knew with a 20K+ order back log that once the configuration page was open that we would not get our Xs immediately many do not accept TM timelines/estimates anymore.

So, Hopefully, this time early 2016 means 1stQ 2016; mid means Q2-end of Q3 and Mid/late means before Dec 31, 2016.

A 'win should feel like a win'....*fingers crossed* that TM can deliver!

David37 | 24 november 2015

Configured mine last night.
P90D w/ Ludicrous Speed
(w/ Spoiler, w/o Red Calipers, w/Smart Air Ride-included)
Deep Blue Metallic
20" Silver Wheels (standard)
Tan Leather Seats (Seven Seat)
Figured Ash Wood Décor Accents
Black Headliner
Premium Upgrades
Ultra High Fidelity Sound System
Subzero Weather Package
Towing Package
$146,200 (including $1,200 Destination and Doc Fees) not including tax credit or gas savings.
$141,200 minus $5,000 deposit
+$5482 AL sales tax
+900 in AL property 'ad valorum' tax and registration

$147,582 = final cost, not to include any charging accessories and installion.

David37 | 24 november 2015

Seriously hoping for a 72A onboard charger also, but I am not waiting around to find out. Hoping Tesla will do the right thing. (Hint Hint to any Tesla execs reading the forum.)

Saxena | 24 november 2015

I saw over on TMC that there is an 'off the menu' upgrade to 72A for additional $1,000.

NumberOne | 24 november 2015

72A on Board Charger is a Non listed option that you need to contact your DS about. One question I have is how the seats are priced, in addition to the number configuration. I personally think they should be included if you get the car with the Premium Upgrades Package, but it seems they are not. I noticed people expressing a desire to not have the Smart Air Suspension as standard. Well, it is not. If you get the base model (70D), the Smart Air Suspension is optional.

As it stands now, my car is going to be $110k, which is about 15k more than I was hoping for, and this will bring my total cost to close to $120k after taxes. The silver lining for me will be 2017 onwards, when my property tax on the car will be based on the 'base price'.

dortor | 24 november 2015

What reservation dates are being invited to configure?

elguapo | 24 november 2015

@Dortor - It seems based on reservation number (sequence) with respecto invitation. Seems like 2012s are up right now and highest number is about 1,500.

Goal for TM is to figure out how many people want P90Ds. Like the S, the most expensive ones will come first. I think most reservations will be invited to configure prior to year end, but if you pick a 70D, you aren't getting it until this time next year.

Reedmadd | 24 november 2015

The most important question (kidding) is are the carbon wheels an option for all variants or just the P90D?

I really wanted a 20 carbon wheel option to put on a 90D with spoiler, blue metallic with GREY interior and have it delivered Q1 next year. You can imagine my all round disappointment on all counts but the paint.

As many have stated, now the wait is even longer unless we spend more and even if I wait there's no guarantee the options will change how I want. Although I got to believe the grey interior will come. Surprised the white is still there for non-sig.


Docrbajwa | 24 november 2015

Reserved on June 1st 2012. Non Sig. I got email yesterday to configure. My # 1041.

medplex | 24 november 2015

I reserved on December 7th 2012 my reservation number is 2038 I did not get an email to configure repeat did not

mkbs94 | 24 november 2015

when did you reserve | 24 november 2015

The logjam appears to be starting to break up. That's the good news here. Sounds like my 90D will be about $5K more than expected. That's OK. Once they really ramp up in earnest, they should be building 600+ a week. Barring shortages or glitches, they should be getting around to me in March or so. 9000+

I will be ready.

teslagiddy | 24 november 2015

I'm close to RN#17,000 - do you think there is any chance I'll get my X before 2017?

pvetesla | 24 november 2015

But only if you get the P90D or maybe even the 90D depending on how many people order.

ecoelectrical | 24 november 2015

I'm 12K when do you think I'll get the call?
When do you think I'll see it?

ian | 24 november 2015

To see the 72 amp charging upgrade option type "charger" anywhere on the configuration page. According to engel over tpat TMC anyway.


NumberOne | 24 november 2015

184x nothing yet.

Tâm | 25 november 2015


Yes David, to avoid confusion, Tesla has moved the higher capacity charger in a hidden menu.

As @Saxena stated, it's a bargain at that price of additional $1,000.

If you call Tesla up, they'll show you how to get to that hidden menu.

tycharley | 25 november 2015

#1087 Reserved on 11-24-2012

NOTHING YET but close ;-)

jk | 25 november 2015

Short version: If you don't wanna order a P90D you are stuffed until probably very late 2016.

Every P90D is gonna leapfrog a 70D or 90D regardless of your reservation number. It's a cruel world!

Saxena | 25 november 2015

@tycharley - did you click on the 'Profile' button on your MyTesla page? Based on posts over on TMC, some with much higher numbers than yours are able to configure (23xx)

tycharley | 25 november 2015

Yes I did and NO button yet.

I check several times a day ;-)