Have you cut the ICE Umbilical?

Have you cut the ICE Umbilical?


Just curious how the forum Population is doing on cutting the ICE Umbilical?

Stage 1: All BEV, and expect to be that way forever

Stage 2: One BEV-Transitioning to more--still keeping ICE for now

Stage 3: One BEV & Waiting/Ordered MX, hopefully it prevents me from PHEV, but may have to

Stage 4: One BEV & will always own an ICE for Towing, Camping, Vaca Travel, Range Issues etc.

Stage 5: BEV soon

Stage 9: Ice forever (What are you doing on this forum?)

Sin Gas

BTW: I know most want to be Stage one. I am Stage 2 and Stage 3.

jjs | 11 juli 2014

Well, it might be even more nuanced/encompassing than the options given.

Have an S, ordered an X. Not sure wife will take delivery on the X. Lots of range anxiety.

Have work truck must keep. No BEV replacement for it.

Replaced all 4 cycle small engine equipment (blower, trimmer, hedge trimmer etc) with electric.

Currently looking to replace lawn mower. If all happens we will have removed all gasoline products/machines from our house/lives.

So I guess I'm the same as you 2 & 3 hoping for 1.

savnro2 | 14 juli 2014

Yes - essentially Stage 1. And it hasn't been a significant burden / inconvenience. The only bad part is the wife gets the MS and I drive the LEAF, but I'm not complaining as I drive on road trips (get more miles in).

Escape Hybrid is still with us for local skiing. Not ready to put MS in crowded resort parking lot with careless ski toters all around. I may come around to taking MS skiing as it is ski rack ready - maybe a car cover to minimize scratches / minor dings. May consider a MX once price / range are well known.

Finally, like prev poster, I'm also electric corded mower. Good quality BEMs out now that will have me ditching the cord sooner than later.

Only two tanks of fuel used for the Escape in the last 1.5yrs. Even considering renting an SUV when needed vs. keeping the Escape around taking up space and insurance coverage.

jjs | 15 juli 2014

@savnro2 - Kudos

Are solar panels in your future? Or are they in your present?

jm.tully | 15 juli 2014

I bought (not rented or leased) a solar system 4.5 years ago. SCE sends me money!
I ordered my Model X in January!
Then my ICE machine with 230,980 miles went terminal!
So I grabbed a RAV4 EV (Tesal motor & battery pack) to get me by until delivery.
Can't wait to get that improved range & other technical goodies!

keithndeborah | 21 juli 2014

We're at Stage 2: One BEV-Transitioning to more. A Leaf and a hybrid for now, but MS at Leaf lease end.
@jjs- solar panels (purchase not leased) are the next step in our transformation.

kieran.j.lee | 21 juli 2014

I've got 6kw of solar panels at home so other than winter I get paid for my electricity. The Model S is only just starting to roll into Australia (none where I live yet) but with traditional finance options it will be expensive (prices start at over US$100k and interest rates are around 9% with loans limited to 7 years so that's payments of over $1500 a month). I'm hoping Tesla will offer a low cost finance option here and I can get the Model X, otherwise I'll be waiting for the Model III. Either way, will keep the Toyota 4WD for adventure trips as it gets almost 1000 miles to the tank and Australia has a lot of open spaces where I won't be able to plug in. | 22 juli 2014

Likely you'd get a better response on the Model S forum (as many here are waiting for the "X")!

For me - Stage 1. BEV all the way! Don't miss the ICE, and I've taken quite a few long trips (1,000 miles round trip) in my Model S60.