How can I contribute?

How can I contribute?

I've been following electric cars for a long while now. I've always hated the idea of having to be dependent on gasoline, especially since I've been able to drive. The Coda and Leaf sounded interesting, but after Aptera completely disappeared I lost interest in the possibility of a car from a company that wouldn't inevitably fail. Clearly that changed when I started reading stuff about Tesla online. I am now completely obsessed with Tesla, the Model S, the Supercharging Stations, everything. Too many times now that I've roamed through the website, toying with the design studio and reading the stats for the car and future stations. I would seriously consider purchasing one now, but the thing is I'm going away for college for the next 6 years, and the practicality of having a car with me doesn't exist. I wish I could look into requesting to test drive one in my city, but I can't even do that since I'm not a serious buyer at this point in time.

Is there anything I can do to contribute? I'm not even sure how I could. I can't say I feel helpless since whatever happens to Tesla can't directly affect me, but I admire the company and the car too much to watch it fall to the likes of Aptera, which I'm sure is still a long shot at this point.

kilimats | 7 juni 2013

you already are by posting this message, keep spreading the love, the electric car is the future

ghillair | 7 juni 2013

In the past Tesla has had internships during the summer. Go to the Careers page of this web site, fill out an application and tell them you would be interested in an internship for next summer.

Can't hurt.

petochok | 7 juni 2013

Buy some stock.

ENGINEER | 7 juni 2013

I don't think Tesla would hire only a high school graduate, but I will definitely apply when I come back for the summer over the next few years. I can also look into stock as an option, although my main focus is paying for tuition right now. Other than that I'll definitely stick around!

Captain_Zap | 8 juni 2013

You can help by contacting political representitives at the state and federal level and let them know that you want them to support the sale of Teslas direct to the consumer.

Here is a blog written by Elon Musk about the situation. It was written before his business model went under a serious attack in a few US States.

redchowder1 | 9 juni 2013

Hey ENGINEER, check this out.

FernandoLL | 21 juni 2013

We need economic releases for the people in countries like Colombia urgently!