How do we report/correct map navigation errors?

How do we report/correct map navigation errors?

Is there any way to report map/navigation errors so they can be corrected? Do we know where Tesla gets their navigation directions? The map thinks that the entry into our subdivision is one-way, so it keeps trying to navigate me around the block when I am navigating home. I checked Google Maps, and the same does not happen there, so it doesn't appear to be a problem with the Google map or navigation.

sklancha | 9 juni 2014

I don't know the answer, but I must admit that the navigation system is definitely... not as refined as one would hope. Since I spend A LOT of time on the road, I decided to use my nav all the time, so that I can learn its' idiosyncrasies (they all have them). I was able to work out the pace of when directions will be given, and absolutely LOVE seeing the step-by-step details provided right next to the speedometer. My biggest problem is that it does not seem to recognize many roads that exist (so it is trying to make me take a long way around), and there is a tendency to tell me to 'make a left' or 'make a right' -when it really means - 'make sure you stay on your road and don't take that Y or cross road'. Locally, I can catch the problem- but when I travel, I tend to put myself into jams.

TESLA168 | 9 juni 2014

the navigation is google maps.. so i think you should report errors to google?

AoneOne | 9 juni 2014

The maps are from Google, but the navigation is from Garmin/Navigon. In any case, I'd ask ownership.

TESLA168 | 9 juni 2014

didn't know that.. i love google maps - maybe tesla can give us an option in future software updates to select our preferred navigation vendor

sklancha | 9 juni 2014

I don't know that I specifically have a preferred vendor, as I used the nav system in the ICE car that I just replaced with my Tesla. I just know that the NAV is not as cutting edge as the rest of my Tesla experience, so I am hoping that they are in the process of- or- at least planning on- getting the Navigation to be as cutting edge as the rest of the Tesla experience is

mkh1437 | 10 juni 2014

Just to confirm, I did reach out to Ownership, and they said I could just report any errors/corrections to them, and they will pas them along to the relevant team.

Brian H | 11 juni 2014

Elon recently promised 6.0 would be vastly improved, and integrate real-time 'crowd-sourced' data from other drivers' cars (Teslas?).

dglauz | 11 juni 2014

What bugs me is that after 9 months the navigation system still thinks that I should be driving on the old, partially dismantled, section of the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge. The map updated the day the new span opened, the navigation not so quick.

Neptune Blue | 11 juni 2014

I'm sorry to learn that the navigation is from Garmin / Navigon. Last year, I tried to use the Navigon iPhone app to drive to a street address which happens to be close to the interstate, but not close to any ramp. Navigon put me on the freeway, and, as I sped close to the target address at 65mph, told me I had arrived at my destination!

mathwhiz | 11 juni 2014

Thanks for explaining why last week I was shown crossing the Bay Bridge southbound--offset out in the water... I thought it was damned strange, and it don't occur to me at the time, but you just lit the lightbulb. ;) | 11 juni 2014

There are supposed to be navigation map updates that are unrelated to Google maps, but no word from Tesla when those might be available or if Garmin has such updates for Tesla to use.

From the Tesla Order page, Tech package: "Onboard maps and navigation for North America with free updates for 7 years"

Brian H | 12 juni 2014

Says nothing about how often!

PhillyMomof4 | 12 juni 2014

I've actually loved the traffic feature of the google maps. It has been spot on every time with alerting me to congested or stand-still roads and I've detoured myself successfully. I do wish it rerouted based on that congestion however. I also wish I could create a saved location by touching current location (not by entering a location address/name but by touching screen at current location).

hpoe5 | 29 december 2014

While coming home with my new P85D after Seattle delivery, I crossed the lake using east I90, then proceeded north on the decades-old 405 freeway. The navigator told me to make a u-turn as soon as possible, and that I was on a dead-end road! Who at Tesla should I report this to?

Captain_Zap | 29 december 2014


I drive that all the time and I haven't had that happen.

What was your final destination (area) and how far north were you? That is too bizarre.

If you have it happen again, you can hold down the lower right hand button of the steering wheel for about 7 seconds to take a screen capture. Note the date and time of the error so that Tesla can find it in your car's logs. You can send a short summary of the error with the above info in e-mail to service and they can forward it to the right people.

Just make sure that the title of the message says something like: Navigation error or bug found. Nav system thought freeway was a dead end road.

Captain_Zap | 29 december 2014


Don't forget to include your VIN!

dunhamdj | 25 november 2015

I have compared Google Maps on my iPhone to Model S nav and it is very different. Silly to have a 17" nav screen and be depending on a little phone for directions.

kevin | 8 december 2016

There is a web site provided by Garmin for the purpose of reporting errors. I've reported the car directing an illegal left turn. The web site is a little tricky since they want the model of your Garmin device, but I told them it was a mapping product, and that the product was a Tesla and the web page worked. I got an email back saying that my report had been forwarded to somewhere.

Better, I think, to report through Tesla. Exactly what does report to Ownership mean these days? Is this just the ServiceNA email?

dpackouz | 28 februar 2017

I've gotten terrible directions from Tesla's navigation since I got my Model S (May 2015) and it still happens regularly. I get a route that is significantly longer than the one suggested by google maps. I've taken screenshots of google maps and pictures of the Tesla navigation directions and have sent it to Tesla multiple times over the past two years and they've assured me that it has been passed on to the dev team. With each new software update I'm hopeful it's been fixed, but unfortunately it still is not.

I rely on my phone's google maps. Which is a total waste of Tesla's navigation feature and the big beautiful screen.

johnson.todd.r | 20 maj 2017

My experience after owning a Model S for a week is that its navigation is the worst I've used. It has left/right confusion at times, doesn't have updated street information, and often has the wrong speed limit. Waze is much much better.

PagemakersS75 | 21 maj 2017

It's strange that Tesla use Google maps for the map and TomTom for the navigation. Why can't they stick to Google.

It's what Google does best.

murphyS90D | 21 maj 2017

Navigation has to work when a cellular signal is not available. That requires an onboard database. They use a Garmin database for that. My house was built in 1957. 60 years later Garmin still puts it in the wrong location. Submitting an update to Garmin has been a waste of time.

rbinhouston | 21 maj 2017

There are a number of other threads on this topic, which I discovered asking myself why the issues raised in this thread were apparent. In Texas, around Houston, SH 99 has been open for over a year but Garmin still haven't updated this despite the image from google being correct. Initially the issue was a frustration while it tried to recalculate and always gave an erroneous arrival time, but more recently with more use of EAP, now when using auto steer, my vehicle suddenly slows from 70 to 45mph as it doesn't recognize i am on a highway.
A few forum members said that Google would not license their maps product and resell but I think that Uber has come up with a mechanism to integrate google maps so hope Tesla can get over the line soon too.

bp | 21 maj 2017

We moved into our new house 2.5 years ago. While the house is new, the street has existed for at least 5-7 years before that.

It was understandable the Tesla maps didn't know where our house was located - it was an empty lot when the nav map was generated. Entering our street address ends up with a location that doesn't match our house. We can fake the destination by entering an incorrect street address that points to our house location on the map. But when we have navigation routes going to the house, the software thinks it takes about 5 minutes to travel a few feet on our street, approaching the house.

I immediately reported the problem to Tesla in late 2014. Since then, we've received at least one map update.

And the problem remains - entering our street number produces an incorrect route - and we still get the extra 5 minutes added to each route going to the house.

The last time I reported this problem, Tesla wanted me to go to and use that to report the areas where the Tesla navigation maps were wrong. Not only is there a problem with the location of our house, there are other problems with the roads in our area, including incorrect or missing speed limits.

So now that I've done this - now what? Will this be added to the next navigation map update? Does Tesla have another way to more quickly update the on board nav maps?

Sadly, our new S 100D has exactly the same problem.

Don't see how Tesla can possibly use the navigation software to drive full-self driving, if it can't even find our house correctly!

bsteinesq | 21 maj 2017

Same bad experiences with navigation here. Perhaps most annoying are the prompts to take a turn that come after I have passed that turn. This is closely followed by routeing that takes me in what is essentially a circle when there is a shorter, direct route clearly visible on the maps. I may have to find a way to mount my phone in a visible area and then use Waze.

bsteinesq | 21 maj 2017

I also think that this problem could cause a real black eye for Tesla when the Model 3 starts appearing in large numbers; Tesla, I think you need to fix this before that happens!

johnson.todd.r | 21 maj 2017

I'm going to try doing voice bug reports near the location of the map problem. Perhaps if enough of us did this Tesla would take notice and come up with a fix. At this point, around 50% or more of my trips have had errors--some minor but most pretty major. Its clear that they are not updating the maps in a timely manner. With Waze even temporary construction changes seem to get picked up pretty quickly. If you look at reviews for Garmin's mobile GPS on iPhone it gets around 2 out of 5 stars. In contrast, Waze gets nearly all 5 stars. I realize that Tesla needs lane-specific information, which I understand is not in Google maps, but it also needs to have updated maps and maps that don't have outright errors (e.g., telling me that Fry's is on the wrong side of a major highway, or telling me to turn right when I need to turn left). If Garmin can't fix this, they need to ditch Garmin for a better company.

p.c.mcavoy | 21 maj 2017

The turn-by-turn GPS maps are from Garmin/Navteq. You'll have the best results reporting errors with the GPS maps directly to Garmin. You can do this at the following link:

The form does have fields for what Garmin product you are using. There is a thread on TMC (Tesla Motors Club) where a member had email Garmin and reports they replied telling them to just enter Tesla Motors into the device field or to put a comment in the body of the error that you're reporting the error for the navigation maps in a Tesla.

I've owned a couple of Garmin GPS products and used this route in the past. They release map updates in North America quarterly. I have no idea what their backlog was. I know in one case the error I reported was correct in the next update while another time it seemed to take a couple cycles.

Now with Tesla, there is unfortunately an added delay in that I believe Tesla generally only releases a GPS Map update about once a year as I've seen it commented that they have to go through the process of repackaging the maps to update into the vehicles.

All that says it's likely not a quick process, but still the best process to try and get any map errors you spot corrected is likely to report direct to Garmin/Navteq

Solarfan | 21 maj 2017


I've been using the Garmin/Navteq standalone units for years, and still do with a current Subaru, having its own navigation system (poor, slow, infrequent updates at a cost).

The Garmin unit I use now, has free lifetime map updates, and those are available quarterly. I find that the major highway changes are quickly incorporated in those updates. I live in a rural area where the early Garmin maps would route folks over terrible, rutted, and private roads. The routings were often dangerous (e.g. an earthen dam that was not actually a road). Reporting those incorrect routings, especially noting the danger involved, has resulted in the false roads being removed and the private and poor roads being shown as such.

I appreciate the link you offered:
and the suggestion to include "Tesla" in error reports. If we all do that, perhaps Tesla will see fit to expedite quarterly updates also.

gregor.heinrich | 16 december 2018

And I have no idea how to inform Tesla or the map provider of wrong speed limit data. For a particular street in Basel, Switzerland, for instance, the Navigator says 50 km/h while the actual speed limit is 30 km/h. Both the HERE.COM map as well as Tom Tom, it seems , have the 30 km/h limit so I wonder where Tesla gets the information. Have not been able to find that info on the net yet, as people have mentioned several sources. Will now try Garmin.

WEST TEX EV | 28 august 2019

Just chatted with TESLA. Map updates only about every 6 mo. Disappointing as I just got google to add missing streets going out of my neighborhood. But my TESLA will not know for a while....

murphyS90D | 28 august 2019

The map in my car is over a year old. They apparently switched from Garmin to a crowd sourced free map. It's given me wrong directions twice in the last 6 months.

Pungoteague_Dave | 30 august 2019

It's not crowdsourced. The internal mapping is now Tom Tom.

GHammer | 30 august 2019

@PD. They switched to an open source MapBox about a year and half ago.

LongChair | 4 oktober 2019

This whole thing is still unclear to me on which data source is really used behind in my TM3.
Still one thing is really annoying to me, AutoPilot will use the GPS speed limit data almost all the time.
Problem for me is that on my commute, speed limitations are wrong in the maps, and i Have no clue on how I can report that error to get it fixed.
In my area, some streets got their speed lowerd from 110 km/h to 90km/h. GPS is outdated, but everytime I will engage autopilot in that area, it will be set to 110, and car will accelerate, when the limit is 90 km/h only.
I find this pretty dangerous, and the fact that Autopilot assumes navigation data is the reference is really bugging me....