How many MX's are on pre order including sig's

How many MX's are on pre order including sig's

I am looking at reserving my MX after the final convincing of my wife when she can drive one. So based on 600ish vehicles a week once mass production starts. I would think we could get an idea on about when I could expect to get one based on today’s numbers.

Roamer@AZ USA | 5 marts 2014

I would guess an order placed today would deliver in the second half of 2015.

The longer you wait to reserve the longer it will take to deliver.

Paul Carter | 5 marts 2014

I've done a preliminary model for estimated delivery on TMC:

I'm almost ready to update the model, but its very optimistic.

From that table, I would expect a production reservation today would deliver around August 2015.

However, based on comments that we would start seeing production until late spring I would guess October 2015 (realistic) up to
January 2016 (pessimistic).

NumberOne | 5 marts 2014

From the reservation thread referenced by Roamer I estimate about 10,000 to be the total signature and production for the US and Canadian markets.

Orthopod | 30 marts 2014

The chances are you will probably be driving a Model E sooner if you call Elon and reserve your sig on Gen III now than if you reserve a Model X and be placed at the end of the tally