Idea for extending the range of battery powered vehicles

Idea for extending the range of battery powered vehicles

I have a novel and most likely impractical idea for extending the range of battery powered vehicles. I am not an engineer, so my idea most likely would not have any real world application, it might not even be possible, but here it goes.

I once read a study that said that 50% of your fuel consumption is used to overcome your car's wind resistance at highway speeds. What if you could harness this wind resistance and use it to extend the range of your battery powered vehicle?

I picture an SUV or Crossover vehicle with a wind turbine horizontally mounted on top of the vehicle. The wind turbine would be inside of a housing that is integrated into the body of the car with an intake to divert the air throught the turbine. This turbine would be attached to a generator that would recharge your battery as you drive down the road. Wind power transfered to the batteries to extend the range of your car, that's the main idea.

It seems to me that it would be possible to do this, wether it is practical or not is a diffferent issue. Tell me what you think. Am I crazy? Could this work at all? Just wondering if it is possible or not.

Thanks for reading.

Nick Carter

PorfirioR | 4 juni 2013
GeekEV | 4 juni 2013

OH ... MY ... GOD ... How are people still proposing this? It's enough to make one want to run screaming in the streets. Hey, maybe that would I prove my range too?

GeekEV | 4 juni 2013

"would I prove" = "would improve"

Brian H | 5 juni 2013

Reminds one of Einstein's line on infinity and the universe and ...

Vawlkus | 5 juni 2013

Brian: a classic quote that sadly too few people know these days.

SamO | 5 juni 2013


You are not crazy, but if you think you've just invented a perpetual motion machine, I'm pretty sure there's some additional validation that needs to be performed.