iOS7 car integration new feature !

iOS7 car integration new feature !

Are you guys exicted to see tesla support iOS7 newest feature for car integration?

It will basically be an extension of the phone through some kind of airplay technology so i hope the tesla wireless hardware will support it !

One big ? right now is if thge car touchscreen interface can interact with the phone with this technology, would suck if not

carlgo | 15 juni 2013

I would also want the phone screen to show up on the Teslas screen for easy viewing and use, but what happens if, for example, you want to use Maps instead of the Tesla nav system? You might have two sophisticated systems not wanting to share the screen.

It would seem like a monumental task to integrate IOS7, much less all the other OSs out there.

BTW, who makes the Tesla screen and who designed the interface? The surprising lack of complaints about it indicate that it is all good to view and use.

Brian H | 15 juni 2013

Never been exicted. Sounds dangerous. ;p

Being tied to Apple proprietary OS is definitely dangerous.

Jolinar | 16 juni 2013

hardware is supplied by many manufacturers, Tegra processors are from Nvidia for example, but whole integration is from Tesla - build in house.

carlgo | 16 juni 2013

Tesla actually builds these units, in the US?

If Tesla is to to work with any outsider, Apple's walled garden approach probably makes it easier and safer to allow into the tent. It also seems like a potentially more symbiotic fit, but that is a subjective analysis at best.

SBK2010 | 17 juni 2013

Actually, I do not believe it would be difficult. iOS in the Car, as it's called, will use the idevice (iPhone or iPad) to run the OS. All Tesla would need to do is enable the device to use the screen (or in Tesla's case, maybe 1/2 the screen like other apps can) to project the iOS apps onto. It is similar to Apple's Airplay on Apple TV- you can play something from your computer or iDevice to your Apple TV without running the actual application locally.

Given Tesla has a screen and an upgradable OS onboard, I think it could be doable via a software upgrade if they chose to support it.