It's time to schedule delivery (email received)

It's time to schedule delivery (email received)

My dad, probably the oldest (91) to order a Model S

#14186 reserved Nov 19, configured in 1/15
65kwh, silver/grey nappa leather/piano black/body color roof, 19" wheels, tech package, active suspension, paint armor

when configured, the delivery dates on the paperwork were Feb-March, which I sort of disbelieved.

today received email that it's time to schedule delivery, window Feb 9-23
and I was telling him to expect the car in the summer when he placed the order!

wow! now he has to get rid of his other car a lot sooner.

Brian H | 28 januar 2013

Shame on you for misleading your Dad! That'll learn ya.

shop | 28 januar 2013

Yeah, I reserved just after you did and I too have a similar delivery window. Did you mean to type 85kwh? Anyways, it'll be about 3 months from reservation to delivery for me, which is awesome.

portia | 28 januar 2013

no, shop, I have 85kwh signature taken delivery last Oct! My dad saw mine and ordered his, but he did not need as big a range, so he got the 60kwh (oops, typo in the original post)

Shelmire | 28 januar 2013

How the heck did that happen? They must be putting the 60s in front of 85s because I reserved last July, number 11,484, and while my window starts tomorrow, I have received no delivery call, no VIN. no nada.

shop | 28 januar 2013

Shannon - we haven't received anything except a delivery window, and our window is after yours, so I don't see a problem?

Getting Amped Again | 28 januar 2013

Yeah that is weird. My delivery window for #8756 60 kWh is Feb 16- Mar 2 and no firm date or VIN either. My S is Pearl White with Air Suspension so that's not the problem.

@Shannon and @portia - are you guys/gals located near the factory in Fremont?

portia | 29 januar 2013

I picked mine up at the factory, my dad is getting his delivered in L.A.
he has tech package, @getting amped soon, do you?

tbopry | 29 januar 2013

Congratulations on delivery and (relatively) short order time.

It appears they are working through the backlog faster than expected (well than I expected). I placed a reservation on 12/27/12 and received an email to configure on 1/24/13. On the MyTesla page it says estimated delivery in April, but based on your experience it could be even sooner. (depending on model/options etc of course).

While it's good to know they've ramped up production, the obvious concern is what happens once supply exceeds demand? Once the early adopter channel is filled, it will be interesting to see how they move to the mainstream.

Brian H | 29 januar 2013

It's hard to tell if and how much production is exceeding current new reservations. TM wanted to drive the backlog down to about 3-4 months worth of orders, and then keep that gap, so depending on what the order flow is when they get to that level, that's the production pace they'll set.

That might look like perhaps 8-10,000 unfilled orders, and a fair guess is that they're at 14-15,000 right now. So expect them to keep cranking for a while.

PatL | 28 februar 2013

I just got a "schedule delivery" email this week(2/26/13). Reservation # 17,470 made on 12/31/12. Paperwork completed on 2/12/13. Estimated delivery Mar. 15th - Mar. 29th

Grey MS Performance, black interior, carbon fiber, 21" grey wheels, tech package, sound system, pan roof,(no spoiler)

SD Supercharger | 28 februar 2013

Call Tesla. Find out who the general manager is for your region. Ask him to sees if he can find out where your car is. The other thing you can try is to download the Tesla app and see if your Vin# is posted. I found this way before I received any e-mails. Let us know what happens