LHD/RHD choice in UK?

LHD/RHD choice in UK?

Hi, we are based in the UK and reserved our X in early summer 2014. We are wondering whether we will be given a choice to opt for a LHD to get our X ASAP as opposed to waiting even longer for a RHD... Any news/ideas about this yet or will we just have to wait a little longer to find out? Thanks. T

NumberOne | 21 september 2015

I would just wait for the RHD version. It is safer in countries that drive on the left side of the road to have RHD and vice versa. In fact there are some RHD jurisdictions that have banned imports of cars that are LHD for this reason.

vandacca | 21 september 2015

I thought I read somewhere over at TMC that the Tesla lines could now build both RHD and LHD vehicles on the same line. It can easily alternate between RHD and LHD as necessary.

contact | 22 september 2015

Thanks for these comments. Given the choice we would probably pick a RHD but we do often also drive in continental Europe... We'll see... Just can't bare the idea of having to wait longer just because RHD may be available later. Let's indeed hope they offer RHD and LHD at the same time... Any more concrete clues and hints would be much appreciated. In the meantime I continue to scan the online press for information that is simply not communicated directly with us although we paid for the normal reservation....

ian | 22 september 2015

RHD isn't the only difference between US, EU, and UK Tesla's, they also have a very different charge port shape. At least the S's do. ;-)

contact | 22 september 2015

Ok?! Thanks! I didn't know that. Nothing an adapter or different connector for the charger/supercharger won't take care of I hope...

jk | 22 september 2015

I don't think I have good news for you. This is what the websites say for the UK and Germany:

The delivery estimate for new
reservations is late 2016

Germany TESLA:
Die Auslieferung von neuen Bestellungen
erfolgt voraussichtlich Anfang 2016.

In German that translates as "beginning of 2016" although when I ordered a few months ago they said "Spring 2016" but looking at all the delays and the fact that they need to get to 1000 units a week and then clear something like 30,000 pre-orders I am NOT expecting to see my LHD car before July 2016.

Clearly based on the websites above and the known delays I think they will keep production to LHD until they are really sorted. Then whatever happens in the USA you need add 2 months to allow for shipping and local regulation issues. (via Holland etc).

I also think you would be CRAZY to buy a LHD for general use in the UK for two reasons:

1. Very dangerous for overtaking. You just don't have the correct line of sight to overtake. Can be terrifying for passengers too. OK for short trips to the continent but madness every day.

2. Letting passengers in and out from the passenger seat - you want RHD in the UK.

3. Resale value. Nobody will want your LHD car in the UK so you will be forced to sell it in Europe. Nobody in Europe wants to buy a car in the UK unless with a heavy discount. Even German buyers so not buy in Italy or France and that is just across the border.

jk | 22 september 2015

3 reasons even :-)

contact | 22 september 2015

I hear you. Only that I ordered our X in June 2014 already and that both my wife and I were driving our old European LHD cars for many years in the UK without any problems. We then changed to RHD but are still able to switch with ease -- knowing that one has to be extra-concentrated when driving LHD in London and beyond...

ian | 22 september 2015

EU and UK both use the Mennekes standard. The US uses a Tesla proprietary plug.

johnse | 22 september 2015

Reading up on Mennekes, it states that DC charging is supported up to 70kW. Does that mean that the European superchargers are limited to 70kW? Or is Tesla using a compatible, but higher-rated plug?

Just curious as I'm in the US.

candleflame | 15 november 2015

I'm also interested in this. I have always been driving LHD vehicles in the UK and also go to Europe a lot. (I prefer LHD in UK motorway driving actually. In the UK we drive so passive that overtaking on normal roads isn't really a problem and often not necessary)

I would rather buy an EV in the UK to take advantage of the 5k government grant, but obviously I'd want to get a LHD delivered rather than a RHD...

gerardP | 16 november 2015

Would you also have autopilot issues cropping, like overtaking other cars?