Marketing Video

Marketing Video

I would like to see a Tesla made 30 second video featuring Elon on a trip from LA to San Francisco showing the following:

- 5 passengers + 2 children in the jumper seats
- enough cargo capacity for luggage for a weekend trip for all occupants
- stopping for lunch at a supercharger station highlighting the free and solar electricity in an hour
- the acceleration of the performance model (for safety reasons accelerating out of a sticky situation)
- the handling
- the quiet cabin
- most aerodynamic sedan on the road
- the styling and elegance of the car
- the touch screen dash
- an average cost savings for a daily driver on electric vs. gas
- finishing off with the green message of zero emissions

Did I miss anything? I'm sure I did as this car does so much.

I don't think Tesla needs to advertise on TV as there is plenty of demand but I think if this was on youtube it would be a viral hit and help to accelerate the brand messaging.

DouglasR | 2 januar 2013

"Did I miss anything?"

Pulling away from a stop light and leaving that BMW in the dust.

Brad Holt | 2 januar 2013

As soon as mine comes in I'll be working on a marketing video myself for fun. I'm in Texas, so I'll have limited access to Tesla things other than the car itself, but it should be something worth watching nonetheless. ;)