The media covers Cargo Outrage

The media covers Cargo Outrage

To address a concern from our forum user:

"dortor | SEPTEMBER 16, 2015
this is going to lead to some very misleading headlines in the stock market press."

What do you know? The press has now covered the cargo debacle!

Don't shoot the messenger. It is praising "Tesla SUV will be more spacious than imagined."

See for yourself and please post your comments over there!

Mark Z | 20 september 2015

There is even more detail in an article at Hybrid Cars:

I suggest you relax and sit on a nice comfy chair while reading the article, preferably on one that does not fold.

aesculus | 20 september 2015

Actually a very nice and unbiased article. Does not jump to any conclusions and puts both sides out there equally. I would like to see more articles that are this well presented.

The only thing it does point out is that there is a lack of information and not an overall consensus yet, which I think we all know :-)

Tâm | 20 september 2015

@Mark Z

Thanks for a more extensive report link!