Model S Interior

Model S Interior

On the website they don't talk enough about the interior. Does anyone one have pictures or any idea of the features in the interior.

Timo | 18 september 2011

Wait a few weeks. I think then there are many people here that have actually seen the beta interior and asked zillion questions about everything and anything that isn't quite clear yet.

Schlermie | 18 september 2011

If you search for "tesla model s interior" in Google images you'll see a few shots...mainly of the dashboard and infotainment center.

Volker.Berlin | 18 september 2011

Schlermie, these shots are based on the mockup and the prototype. In the mean time, Tesla has been explicit that nothing of the interior as it can be seen there can be taken for granted for the production model, with one exception: The 17" touch screen. The photos that you can find are really just teasers to give an impression of the level of comfort and luxury that they are targeting.

David M. | 19 september 2011

I believe the Model S interior will be unveiled in less than 2 weeks. Tesla might release their interior photos on Oct. 1 or the day before. Hope the 2nd cupholder found it's way onto the console. Since we are possibly just 7 months (+/-) until production, we're getting close to having some tough questions answered about the interior and infotainment center. Things like: How will the 3G/4G system really work? Which cell phone company has Tesla partnered with (Verizon, AT&T)? Which charging connector? How long to fast charge a 300mi battery? Leather and color options? Etc.

We may get a few answers on Oct 1, but most answers will come in 2012.

Cfosports | 19 september 2011

any rear entertainment? a must with kids.

MTriantafelow | 19 september 2011

We really just don't know. I talked to a Tesla sales guy at one of the Model S events recently that told me not to even look at the interior of the prototype...that aside from the touch screen, its nothing at all like the Beta.

And even the touch screen software is completely different.