Model X GVW

Model X GVW

Will the X be greater than 6000 GVW? | 29 marts 2015

@nobel: the tare weight will be 5000 pounds. Add to that 7 passengers @150 pounds per person or 1050 pounds and you are already over 6000 without adding cargo capacity and "fluids". QED.

Which category do you favor for Elon? Hardly economics. Maybe a new category for Tweet Impact. :-))

Brian H | 29 marts 2015

The Twitter Nobel? Rrrrr ...

rlwrw | 30 marts 2015

Some residential streets prohibit vehicles over 6,000 lbs gross.
You either can't drive it home or have to get a permit every time you do ;-/
Actually, it's commercial vehicles, but some communities may have to adjust their regulations.

vperl | 30 marts 2015

So, your going to tell!

Brian H | 30 marts 2015

"you're going to tell"

Some jist cain't never larn, nohow.

vperl | 31 marts 2015

Brian, again thank you sow much.

Glad you were reinstated in your union and finally paid your dews.

Need extra cash to pay next quarters dews, start collecting canns an bottlies .