More than a car company

More than a car company

While everyone is focused on Tesla as a car company, it occurs to me that if they are successful in their Supercharger build out, they will ALSO be well positioned to have a nicely profitable electricity service station network. Presumably the Gen III car won't be able to fill up for free (that's a Model S perk), so they can make money off those Supercharger stations eventually.

NumberOne | 26 januar 2013

I do not think charging for electricity is part of the plan. Rather. The purpose of the Supercharger network is to make long distance travel possible. It has been said to be compatible with all Tesla vehicles that have a range of 200 miles or greater. In other words at least the 60kWh. Gen III may fall in this category with the appropriate battery pack and options.

Brian H | 26 januar 2013

Solar City handles all the electricity costs and revenues. The plan is to generate and sell to the utilities more than the cars consume (overall, over the course of each year).

For TM this is PROMOTIONAL. MARKETING; it makes the Model S (and other models) more attractive and salable. Its costs are the chargers in each unit, which are now cheap to make in quantity, and the real estate.

teddyg | 26 januar 2013

I hear they don't even need to worry about real estate costs in most supercharging the surrounding businesses are more than happy to provide the charging areas for free as they know people who have to stop and charge for 20-40 mins are much more likely to eat/shop while they are waiting. I think many retailers are picking up on this fact and we will be seeing many more 240v outlets popping up all over the place. It is a cheap move for many retailers/shopping that will pay for itself pretty quickly.

teddyg | 26 januar 2013

Should also add not just retailers/shopping malls but restaurants, hotels/motels/sporting facilities/marinas/movie theatres/ etc/ etc

Speaking of marinas...anyone know when we are likley to see an electric speedboat/yacht? Tesla Marine anyone? I know Tesla Air is coming eventually with Elon's supersonic electric jet idea...could be the beginning of a real empire.

1. Tesla Motors (two and four wheel vehicles - can't wait for them to make a bike!)

2. Tesla Air

3. Tesla Marine

4. Tesla Rail (Elon's hyperloop idea)

All powered by SolarCity panels and off-grid storage batteries bought with Tesla's HUGE purchasing power.
I also noticed SolarCity is working with Shea homes (experts in eco-home building) to offer the "no electric bill" home.

Wonder how long it will be before Tesla starts offering them cheaper batteries for off-grid energy storage?
An idea I mentioned awhile ago...roll everything into one mortage payment for an off-grid solar powered eco-home and EV from Tesla...and bam! Eliminate your seperate mortgage, electricity, ICE car lease, and gas bills for one easy payment which would work out cheaper in the long run than all these other seperate bills when combined.

Exciting times ahead!

Brian H | 27 januar 2013

See the Sun Country system going in across Canada for retailer/hospitality-sponsorship. 70A all the way.

Benz | 29 januar 2013

Wait a minute, this is going too fast for my imagination.
We used to say: "The sky is the limit".
But here its sounds like there is no limit at all!!!

teddyg | 29 januar 2013

Not really Benz...once Tesla proves that the EV is viable it won't be long before all other modes of transport start their inevitable shift to electric drive as well. The batteries needed for all this being produced in higher and higher quantities will drive costs down and spur innovation faster than we have yet seen in the battery market.
Not saying that Tesla will do all of the above...but they might if other companies don't act.
But I suspect if Tesla is successful shipbuilders will start to look closer at electric drive, Lockheed Martin and Boeing will start to look closer at electric drive, etc.
Talking about another 10-15 years here as well...but it will happen if Tesla can start to show a profit...mark my words.

Brian H | 29 januar 2013

In a sense TM is "filling the gap". That's what got Elon to start SpaceX, too; he looked up NASA's Mars plans, and there weren't any. So he decided to "fill the gap".

As long as no one else steps into the gaps, TM and Elon will expand into them.

Benz | 30 januar 2013

The future is bright and sensational. I appreciate what is happening and I am really excited about it. That's for sure. Although, I am never going to Mars. That really would be 1 step too far for me. That's something from the comic books that I used to read during my childhood days. My imagination is limited, and that's good for me, because otherwise I would go nuts. By the way, my wife thinks I already have gone nuts since the last few months.

Brian H | 31 januar 2013

She's right.

Timo | 31 januar 2013

Brian H is correct, it would be nuts not to want to go to Mars.

Benz | 1 februar 2013

OK, only if they promise that I can come back as well (within a year).

Brian H | 1 februar 2013

No prob; but a 2-way ticket costs 75% extra.

Benz | 2 februar 2013


Does Elon Musk give discounts? Like buy one ticket, and get one ticket free? Then we could both go to Mars together, and we could save some money as well!!! Going to Mars takes a lot of time, I would beter not go there alone. Could I persuade you to come along?

Brian H | 2 februar 2013

Sure. Getting old enough to appreciate the reduced gravity.

teddyg | 2 februar 2013

Apparently it will take 6 months to get to Mars. They better pack in ALOT of food and some kick ass entertainment or I would be afraid of everyone going crazy cabin fever style and killing each other before they even get to Mars...not for me...but I admire the pioneers who will go first.

Benz | 2 februar 2013

I really don't expect anyone going to Mars anytime soon (not before 2040). Therefore, in the mean time I will just stick to EV's. The ongoing development of the technology regarding EV's is just fantastic. I really do believe that mankind can get rid of it's addiction to oil some day. That would really be a victorious day.