More Feedback from the Seattle Event

More Feedback from the Seattle Event

Disclaimer: No one will ever totally love 100% of every aspect & inch of a car.

Below is my feedback for the Tesla Engineers/Marketers who have built a wonderful car that needs some easy tweaks to meet some industry standards. My family and I are HUGE Tesla advocates and waited until we drove the car to pass judgment pro or con:

HIGHES: Personally I really like the exterior design and the drive/handling of the car as much as possible for any car made and for the price to quality ratio! KUDOS!

Model S MUST be driven and seen moving in person to really appreciate the car.

LOWS & HOPES: The interior needs some engineering help. Tesla, these have been mentioned in the forums and in reviews by the press – please listen to what everyone is saying!

CONSOLE: At least offer the mentioned opportunity upgrades for those wanting more and to match the level of design, function, artfulness found elsewhere in the car. The newly announced holder under the touch screen shows that you can fix/add things timely to improve the car. While this still doesn’t solve all of our concerns here, it is a move in the right direction.

Offer a back seat console as an option or pop-out drink holder from the back of the front console for back seat passengers. Others have asked for simple seatback pockets or hidden door pockets and I agree they would have been a nice touch.

STEREO: (FYI there is NO WAY to aftermarket upgrade the Model S given the dash, electrical, screen glove box etc so good dealer installed options are needed now.)

I pray the stereo we have heard in the test drive cars and in the showrooms were not the upgraded/optional version! What we heard in the Seattle even (white car with the tan interior and standard wheels) could not have been the upgraded stereo. If it was as we were told it was, then Tesla MUST hire a sound engineer now and fix this!

Maybe the Seattle Tesla reps were confused as to what sound systems are in the showroom and test cars (shame). Can anyone clarify? Buyers listen to the stereos before ordering, ask what files are being played, and adjust the sound fields. I hope I was misinformed on the stereos we listened to. If this was the upgraded stereo, then too many Tesla audio designers are listening to compressed files on iPhones via cheap speakers for a reference point. Again, if that was the upgraded system it would be embarrassing to have play it side to side with top upgrades from Porsche, BMW or MB (which are themselves not phenomenal but are certainly acceptable and the benchmark standards for factory installed stereos.) Where was the bass and separation? Please tell me the reps are wrong or fix this.

To everyone else who reads this blog:
I know not everyone is an audiophile – consider yourself lucky if you aren’t as the smallest imperfections will drive you crazy! And I know that some people will be perfectly happy with the existing stereo…but I know that after hearing it in person, I won’t ever be.

BACK SEAT: Headroom is really low for adults above 5'10" in a normal upright sitting position. It is better with the pano roof. Reservation holders take note and buy according to your backseat height needs. As for the roof bar in the back seat for the pano-roof, it needs to made from a different material than the present plastic which looks like cheap packing plastic. We were told it will change yet it is still there. I read in the forums the word FUGLY used in describing it and that is being polite. What was delivered in the Sig cars thus far?

Thanks Tesla & CONGRATULATIONS as you are off to a great start! You did what most thought could not be done. I know "version 2.0" and subsequent versions will have things like adaptive braking, parking assist, electric folding mirrors, vanity mirrors in the visors, seatbelts matched to the leather color, a better headliner etc...All of which I wish were available now. (All of which our friends/potential future buyers were surprised were not available or standard).

However in my opinion I think the other requests highlighted above (console, stereo, interior cabin trim & functionality) are needed NOW in the first Model S!


foto | 24 juli 2012

Thanks for a great report and your disclaimer. You might also add that no car maker can satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time. At the same time, there is a benchmark that people expect Tesla to meet or surpass.

The question then becomes how soon can those fixes be made and how many will wait for S 2.0 before committing?

Volker.Berlin | 24 juli 2012

Geoff2012, thanks for sharing your impressions!

Offer a back seat console as an option or pop-out drink holder from the back of the front console for back seat passengers. (Geoff2012)

It's in the works and has actually already been shown on some occasion:

parking assist, electric folding mirrors (Geoff2012)

...are being worked on (rumor).

vanity mirrors in the visors

Do come standard AFAIK. For reasons unknown the reference to vanity mirrors has vanished from the Spec page where it was explicitly mentioned not long ago, but we have had reports from a test driver confirming that the vanity mirrors are there (and even lighted).

Slindell | 24 juli 2012

W.B: I like how the back seat console is removable, allowing for a true center seat.

Do you think we could get a version to fit over the existing front seat center console? What's pictured is exactly what I want for the front.

Sudre_ | 24 juli 2012

duct tape might do it! :-)

Brian H | 24 juli 2012

Yes, TM should issue a couple of rolls of color-matched duct tape to each owner with that rear console, to maximize utility and flexibility!

vouteb | 25 juli 2012

is that back seat console a loose item, does t fold away?

Volker.Berlin | 25 juli 2012

vouteb, yes.I assume it is somehow fixed when installed, but otherwise it is loose and when you want to use the center seat you have to store it elsewhere (e.g., frunk?). It does *not* fold away into the center seat as these kinds of consoles often do in other cars of that class.

Volker.Berlin | 25 juli 2012

"parking assist": I said above that I heard it's being worked on. I guess that was a misunderstanding on my part, I apologize. My association went like this: parking assist => parking brake assist => hand brake assist => hill assist.

It is "hill assist" that is in fact being worked on (as reported by another forum member from a first hand, one-to-one talk with GB). If by "parking assist" you mean a feature that takes over the steering wheel and automatically fits the car into a parking spot, then I haven't heard anything about a feature like that for the Model S.

Brian H | 25 juli 2012

Was it VW that had a model whose 4 wheels could turn at 90° and move the car directly to the curb? I seem to remember something like that a decade or few ago.

Volker.Berlin | 25 juli 2012

Brian H, that particular VW model was a special edition from the 70's that had many more quite unusual features... Unfortunately, it never went into production! ;-)

Brian H | 25 juli 2012

"Quite unusual" is a German understatement!

brianman | 25 juli 2012

Nah, there was something newer than that. Might have been a prototype / car show vehicle though.

jerry3 | 25 juli 2012

vouteb -- is that back seat console a loose item, does t fold away?

My understanding is that it hooks into the centre Latch anchors so it can be removed when not needed.

vouteb | 26 juli 2012

Thanks, gave me what I was looking (but not hoping) for.