motor question

motor question

I have been reading on these forums and an article on Edmunds about a lot of motors having to be replace at low mileage. This is worry some to me. This shouldn't happen so often on a vehicle this expensive.

My question is if one motor fails in the model x can it still run on the other motor?

jjs | 9 juli 2014

I have yet to hear of a motor that was replaced that had left someone stranded. Almost all, perhaps all, were replaced because of noise. In some cases the noise was not all that noticeable.

I do not know the answer to your question, but it may not be an issue.

Mel. | 9 juli 2014

Have not heard of a motor that failed.

Could you tell us where you heard of a motor that failed?

GLO | 9 juli 2014

We have 24k miles on our Model S and no motor issues. These types of motors actually last an incredibly long time. I've talked to our service and they've never seen one fail.

NumberOne | 9 juli 2014

From data I have seen the bearings in the motors are expected to last at least 500,000 miles. To my knowledge, none of the motors that were replaced have failed. They were replaced only because of a 'whining' sound issue, which you can read about on the Model S forum if you really want to. Many people expect the car to be absolutely quiet, and any noise will be a problem for them, but in just about all cases the sound only became apparent at highway speeds.

modelx2015 | 9 juli 2014

sorry I meant to say drive unit. I thought that was the same thing as a motor. here is the link

Tâm | 9 juli 2014


Please see the discussion, history, pictures, explanation and the cost of what you referred from Edmunds:

As others mentioned. It is NOT the motor!