Multi-touch Gestures on Screen

Multi-touch Gestures on Screen

I've heard a number of friends disparage the lack of physical knobs buttons etc on the Model S. Their complaint seems to be that you have to take your eyes off the road longer than you do in a car with physical controls.

This complaint seems to me at least somewhat valid, but easily fixable with multi-touch gestures. It would be awesome to be able to control volume with a two finger swipe up or down on any screen, and control temperature with a three finger swipe up or down on any screen (or something like that). Actually it seems to me that a car touchscreen is the perfect place for gestures as they can be performed without looking at the screen.

Anyone know if this kind of thing is in the works?

>First post! Not a Tesla owner (can't justify the purchase (yet)) but a TSLA owner.

Mel. | 9 april 2013

Nate, your friends are wrong. The MS does have nobs on the steering wheel. Tesla is the easiest car to understand and control in the world.. Also voice command is the best available. The 17 inch screen is easy to find and use, all that is needed is a touch.

LargeHoagieCollider | 9 april 2013

Thanks Mel! do you think multi-touch would be of any benefit at all!

LargeHoagieCollider | 9 april 2013

*? not ! at the end

Mel. | 9 april 2013

Nate, multi - touch might have a place, but hard to compete with voice activation. The buttons /nobs we now have activate differently, depending on how long you depress them., similar to you point

Brian H | 9 april 2013

They're also programmable/selectable to control whichever functions you find most commonly useful. Volume, pano, AC, etc.

Jolinar | 10 april 2013

Tesla 17" touchscreen support multi-touch, so multi-touch gestures theoretically could be added by software update someday in distant future :)

Currently multi-touch is used for zooming google map, or anytime when driver and front passanger touching display at the same time (for example because both want to change dual-zone AC temperatures).

Somewhere I read that dispaly support up to 10 touches at the same time - not sure about that.

olanmills | 11 april 2013

Next time you are with one of your friends who is driving, without saying anything, observe what they do when they adjust the climate or something. Most people look down at the controls even if they are physical knobs and buttons and they're already familiar with them. Then say, "Aha!" lol