Musk: Tesla Will Unveil Major New Product on April 30

Musk: Tesla Will Unveil Major New Product on April 30

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company will be unveiling a major new product line on April 30th. He further stated that it will not be a car.

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Khagge1 | 30 marts 2015

I am hoping it is a viable home battery system. I truly believe that such a thing has the potential to revolutionize the power grid structure in this country and could be what ends up being what Tesla/Musk are remembered for.

Remnant | 30 marts 2015

It might be frunk DC connectivity for a metal-air REX, with or without such a REX. | 30 marts 2015

Crossing my fingers for new line of hats!

Kidding aside, can anyone imagine how boring life would be without Elon Musk?

Now that Musk is "here," I don't want him to ever leave.

Musk is scaring the h#ll out of the establishment.

I love these days now.

nick_ruholl | 30 marts 2015

The home battery is pretty obvious, but this has already been announced a few times by Musk/Tesla plus it is on Solarcity's website. So what are the thoughts on this:

-Smart home battery pack. Your solar panel charges it during the day, you come home from work and charge your car off the stationary battery. Of course configurable to feedback to the system and sell at peak hours, choice of charging at night from off-peak rates.

-Tesla drivetrain system. Anyone can convert a car to electric using Tesla Automotive grade components. On top of the battery they are selling this would just be the controller and motor

richard | 30 marts 2015

nick_ruholl - yeah, could believe that. I read somewhere that the postal department of Nevada need to replace all their mail delivery vehicules. A custom vehicle based on a model S sled comes to mind.

yanmeng9 | 30 marts 2015

I agree with many others, very likely the new product is a battery system. The product looks attractive on paper. Not only it provides the use case of a giant UPS, but also it should be able to charge your Tesla cars faster at home by mitigating the restrictions on the local grid and electric switchboard. It may also improve the safety of home charging with adding the battery management system and mitigate some risks around inadequate wiring.

It would be interesting to see the pricing on this product. Tesla could offer a long term lease option. Not sure whether this component can be qualified for any tax credit. In addition, not sure whether the electricity stored in the battery can be resold to the grid or shared with neighbors.

According to previous reports, Walmart started to use tesla batteries to power its stores and achieved 20~30% saving on utility bills, and Solarcity started to install 10kwh tesla batteries in selected homes. If customers can lease the 10kwh batteries for $50/month while saving 20% utility bills, there could be good demand for this product.

I am expecting to see different categories of battery systems, such as 10kwh for residential and 100kwh for business, etc. This product should have a higher profit margin than Tesla cars, as the battery supply appears to be constrained.

carlgo2 | 30 marts 2015

All that battery stuff wouldn't normally be thought of as a "major new product line". More like now available or affordable or better-that sort of thing.

How about offering a receiver/modem thing to hook up to the low-cost satellite system Musk has been working on?

Most people focus on the cars and rockets, but becoming a space ISP/carrier would be as disruptive as anything.

Probably a battery thing though.

nosken | 30 marts 2015

Home batteries may be way to retask or recycle old Tesla car batteries.

grega | 30 marts 2015

Yeah I'd say 99% battery. Yes he's announced it already, but this is an "unveiling", which is quite different. There is an existing solar-city battery that looks like a bar-fridge - but when talking about the Tesla batteries more recently he mentioned that the Tesla battery would be thin (like the skateboard on the Model S), and mountable on the wall, and look good, which is quite a different product.

Just how it's done will be the interesting thing.
- complicated to install?
- a simple "peak-buster", 10kW storage for internal use (charge at cheapest overnight time, use at most expensive)
- "stabiliser" for solar users, to even out peaks and troughs (and ensure 10kW for the evening)
- "distributed baseload solar city" - if you have a battery, feed solar back into the grid at night. If not, feed it into the grid in the day.

A peak-buster would be easy to calculate. Peak is about 20c/kWh more than off peak, so a 10kWh battery pack will save $2/day ($730/year). Or put as a loan... you can borrow $4,155 at 9% interest paid off over 8 years and it works out to be exactly $2/day.

I'd say it should be a no-brainer to install one...

If solar users purchase a 10kWh and uses the charge fully in evening peak, the system should still charge from overnight-offpeak for 2-3kW to use in the morning when electricity costs a little more but the solar cells haven't started providing enough, then switch to solar and charge up fully.

Obviously the capabilities change when you double the storage. Then it raises the argument for selling back to the grid, and even whether you should try to deplete your battery by 10pm (by selling everything you can) and then recharging from off peak.

Will be interesting to see how it all evolves!

Brian H | 30 marts 2015

Naw, it's an electric powerboat, using water-jets (EHD); fast, quiet, wildlife-safe. Summer's a-comin'!

Brian H | 30 marts 2015

Was this the reason for the stock spike-up today?

Remnant | 30 marts 2015

The announcement was about Hyperloop:

The Tsla spike-up was probably related to secret hopes/wishes for a revolution in Tesla batteries that would speed up the charge and extend the range.

Remnant | 31 marts 2015

Correction: the Hyperloop announcement just happened.

The April 30th announcement is still opened to speculation.

My guess is still a Metal-Air REX, but a home battery is a good guess also.

dstiavnicky | 31 marts 2015

Very simple.

It's a prototype for a future pickup truck... the best selling vehicle in America.

Sam_S | 31 marts 2015

It has to be the home battery pack because he dropped the hint in the ER call.

I want one so I hope it's affordable.

carlgo2 | 31 marts 2015

Musk is making the announcement now about home solar storage batteries that will not be available from the gigafactory for a couple of years or so?

Maybe enough and cheap enough already from Panasonic?

A contrarian might a bit skeptical, but who knows.

Ankit Mishra | 31 marts 2015

According to his latest tweets, I think the new product line is electric motor bikes.

draconious_z | 31 marts 2015

It is the Tesla RV :)

apsley | 31 marts 2015

New battery chemistry?

JGB | 2 april 2015

Strap on rocket motors for the model S for stain your shorts acceleration 0 to 60 in under 2 seconds.

jonlivesay | 4 april 2015

Model H

jonlivesay | 4 april 2015

Model H

3seeker | 4 april 2015

If it's a new line of autonomous snake chargers, that would be very disappointing. I like the idea of a home battery storage line because that would mean the beginning of the disruption of the energy industry!

carlgo2 | 6 april 2015

A line of energy drinks and power bars. No range anxiety for hiking or whatever. It is how he manages to deal with now four companies and presumably energetic new friends...also makes you smart.

I am on the preorder list.

PorfirioR | 6 april 2015

After "the end of range anxiety as we know it" announcement, I am not sure if I dare speculate but, here it goes:

If this announcement means, as just about everyone predicts, a Tesla home battery solution that has been discussed/promised publicly for years, wouldn't that carry other potentially beneficial implications for the current Tesla product line?

For example, wouldn't that enable (with a little more hardware and software) at-home supercharging (or close to it)?
If so, that could also enable the proliferation of private supercharging stations at places that are "off the grid", or too remote for fixed infrastructure (e.g. "any destination charging"), or where the infrastructure is deficient/poor (i.e. old apartment complexes, countries with substandard electricity, etc.).

If I speculate correctly, - and I have been wrong before - this could indeed be a huge product line for Tesla of not just batteries, but also charging equipment and related products/services.

Forget the solar tie-in. Even people without either solar panels or a Tesla vehicle could find a use for these batteries. Depending on their cost, and whether they are sold or leased, a business case could be made for simply getting the batteries to offset peak energy usage by charging from the grid at low peak hours and running off the battery at peak hours. The electric utilities might even like that, as it would balance out the demand on the grid if the practice catches on - even more so if the batteries could be remotely managed to feed/charge on demand based on grid load.

On the other hand, the announcement might just be a new Tesla forum with a search feature. What do I know?

raffael s. | 6 april 2015

I know it would be one of the least possible options, but I read somewhere it "could" be a motorcycle. I really don't think Tesla's going to announce a bike on April 30th, don't get me wrong! But I think a Tesla bike, or even scooter, would be really cool. Maybe somedays?
Other than that, I'll go for the boring, because very obvious, home storage. I really like the idea of home storage, especially by using it in combination of solar power. But it had been announced and covered by media to often to get me really excited. In the end home storage will be a big step to the future and will eventually democratize the energy market. Sadly, anything else would be more exciting, thanks to 1000 articles, about tesla, revolutionizing the energy market.

Mike83 | 6 april 2015

They have very cool leather bags, jackets, hats, as well Auto accessories. I was hoping for a cappuccino, espresso machine in the frunk; one where you just add the beans and milk(refrigerated of course like the Ben & Jerrys Model S car).
Think I'll buy the Tesla $400 bag for my wife.

Rocky_H | 6 april 2015

@raffael s, you don't need to wait for Tesla to make an electric motorcycle. Zero and Brammo already make amazing electric bikes. I have a Zero Street bike, and it's great.

Brian H | 6 april 2015

It takes 12 chargers, like the 2 in a MS, to generate the DC required for Supercharging. Not happening at home.

raffael s. | 7 april 2015

@ Rocky: I have heard that Zeros are nice, but to be honest I don't want one right now, I just like it when they announce things...

Al1 | 7 april 2015

Ability to charge the car quickly from a stationary battery could potentially lead to explosive growth of charging infrastructure. Elon has announced end of range anxiety but we haven't seen anything yet.

Al1 | 7 april 2015

Emphasis is really on word quickly.

flyjeffva | 7 april 2015

BrianH, If you are charging from a DC battery pack, you could go directly from battery to battery DC and bypass the onboard chargers like the Superchargers do. I think it could happen at home charging from a stationary battery.

Brian H | 8 april 2015

It would not be faster unless it supplied more kW than a HPWC. It is rumored to be a 10kWh unit. No big deal for charging a MS.

daidas | 8 april 2015

First thought for me was - Electronic Motorcycle, or some electronic scooter with batteries which would be affordable for many to travel.

grega | 9 april 2015

@PorfirioR, I like your musings.

But I have a disagreement - I don't think it could achieve supercharger speeds for home users for a few reasons. Many people have said that household batteries can be cheaper than car batteries (lower performance) or use actual old car batteries, and I imagine discharging a home battery at supercharger speeds will be problematic. That's aside from the fact that if you only have 10kWh (or even 30kWh) you're not going to be able to fully charge the car.

Most of what you said falls with what I'd said on the previous page too, so will attempt not to repeat. Creating a stable home supply when the incoming connection is substandard is a good idea.

I believe the portable superchargers Tesla has already use battery packs, and yes I think an 'outback' charging station that uses batteries to slow-charge itself due to grid issues and then superchargers Teslas is a good idea. A branch off the "solar charge" concept... and I would assume these outback chargers would be solar charging as much as possible too.

draconious_z | 9 april 2015

Maybe this time it is truly something new...
We already heard about the stationary power batteries, and solar stations, etc...

What if the new product is a series of Wind Turbines? That makes use of the different sized Electric motors in the Model S? This could then be used for super chargers, home chargers, home power, RV power... etc...

milesbb | 10 april 2015

Tesla induction wireless charging system. The end of plugging in at home. You get dropped off at the front door. The Tesla goes in the garage and sits on the induction charging plate waiting to be called for duty.

cliffmccormick | 10 april 2015

+1 grega

"Will be interesting to see how it all evolves!"



3seeker | 13 april 2015

A product line dubbed the tPhone... Now wouldn't that be ironic. ;-)